Playtime Panties

Literally my favorite pair of panties. Catch me running around the house with nothing but these on. Some days I’m cooking, cleaning, or doing homework. Some days I’m exploring my body and aaaall the things its capable of. Regardless, if it were up to me it would ALWAYS be in these panties



Washington, D.C.




Caucasian (White)


21 - 24



Shh, don't tell my parents! This is our little secret. I'm so happy you're here to play, I have a lot to show you. I'm a student with a dirty mind, a vivid imagination, and a panty drawer that's getting a little bit too full.   Most days you'll find me at the gym or playing around in my favorite pole fitness studio. I love staying in shape. I've had a few people ask me if I had any bras to sell... I wish! I owned like... two, but honestly I don't typically wear one. I'm fun and frisky, and things have been getting a little wet and messy around what do you say? Want to help me clean up a little?   Payments are accepted on google wallet, and flat rate shipping is $5! I also take requests! Snapchat: ArielArches Pics of me in panties: $5