Pink Thong : Ripped from Energetic Use

Pink Thong : Ripped from Energetic Use

Came in them twice and worn for 3 days



Los Angeles



We are three college girls - living together! We study so hard, but every girl needs a break sometimes.... We have so much in common, but its our differences that bring us together. We offer G-strings, Thongs, Boy Shorts, and Bikinis! Faith has brown curly hair, with big 34C tits. She spends days snuggling in her g-strings. Fifi has deep blue eyes and olive skin, she cannot get enough of her sexy time. We joke that Fiona has a porn addiction, she is always feeling herself. Her ass never takes a day off, she is always working it at the gym. Things are provided upon request - ask and you may receive! We expect polite interactions - be sweet and you might get a treat :) Xoxo, Fiona, Faith, and Fifi <3