Pink Lace

This pink lace is a combination of my soft and naughty side at the same time. I love to wear them all the time and I love to masturbate in them as well as the lace gives a special sensation. Do you like them?

The price above is for 2 days of wearing them doing my day to day stuff. But, I can spice up my panties for you how you like them. I am very open minded and open for new suggestions. Some ideas: * For every extra day add 5 euros to the price. * For NOT wiping my pussy after urinating also 5 euros. * For some blood while on my period is 15 eu more. * Now what else would you like? Sex, masturbation in my panties? You just let me know.







Caucasian (White)


25 - 30



Want to spice up my panties? Do you like it raw? Or do you prefer it hot? I am completely open to your suggestions and I am ready to please you and your deepest thoughts and desires. I love collect underwear and I am keen to share my aroma with you. Be prepared for some intense, and intimate fragrances involved by a sublime touch of spiciness.

Do not be scared to send me a message with your personal requests.