Pink & Grey 3 Day

3 workouts

2 masturbations

1 sweaty concert




Here’s my drawer of pretty little panties. I’m a princess by day, and naughty little slut by night. I love teasing older men and occasionally giving them what they want. I have a sweet, tight, shaved, little pussy. It’s always dripping wet in class when I see my professors getting hard while they look at me.

For fresh and favorite pairs:

1.You pick a “fresh pair” (new) or a “favorite pair” (undies I have had for awhile).

2.Specify how long you want me to wear them and the activities.

3.I send you weekly updates (depending on how long you want me to wear them).

4.I ship out your personalized pair, ziplocked to preserve freshness and in plain packaging.

**If you buy a pair that has been worn for 7 days or more, included in your package will be a special photo.


*Normal wear

-$50 1 day

-$125 3 days

-$800 1 week

If you want more time let me know and I will give you a price!


**Prices are for each time I do the deed

-$10 masturbation

-$30 sex (I’ll scoot your panties to the side while I get pounded. Maybe you want them stained with cum. I’d be happy to oblige.)

-$20 on period (seasonal)