Period Panties – Day 1

Period Panties for sale!

I wore them about all day and at the end of evening my period appeared. Scent is very intense, so even demanding customer will be pleased 🙂







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Welcome :) I’m a 19 year old single, bisexual girl from Poland and you can call me Dany. I have light, blond hair and green eyes (actually green and grey, mixed). I’m fit and my weight is 52 kg. I'm really into swingers play and group sex. Besides this, I love to read :)

 I’d love to share my panties with you.  

You can pick any type of underwear, you want me to wear. As soon as we have an agreement, I will start wearing it. You can choose any colour or pattern (I have sweet flower patterns and others).

Possible scent of panties: 

1. everyday wear

2. workout

3. masturbation

4. period

5. urine

6. sleep


You can compare a few of them i.e. everyday wear, sleep and masturbation. It all depends on you :) If you have any special preferences or wishes, you can ask boldly.

Underwear worn:

-> one day - $30

-> two days - $55

-> three days - $75

-> four days - $90

-> five days - $150

-> six days - $220

-> seven days - $300


Panties which were worn more, than 7 days will be more expensive, because of high possibility of health problems.  But I’m open-minded person and I will love to try to wear one pair of panties maybe for 14, 21 or even 31 days :)


When you will buy more, than one pair, I can make a discount :)


Also, period panties will always cost $30 more, than basic price.

Masturbation panties - $100.

Urine panties - $150.


Exclusive picture of underwear in use - $100.

I can also make a video of urinating panties – video costs $300.


You can feel free, to message me in polish language, but prices are in USD not PLN.


All prices include underwear in ziplockbags and white, anonymous envelope.

Free delivery only when order is more, than $100 (Price depends on where do you live. Europe delivery will cost less than delivery to US or Asia).