Peach Bellini

Peach Bellini is a sultry, lace bikini that is totally see through. This pair matches a bralette I have so I like to get super sexy in this pair I’m willing to wear them as long as you want and there are pictures available if you’re interested in a little bonus feature.



Thousand Oaks






18 - 24



A couple of college girls looking to sell our "Sweet" treats. Cinnamon is a college student interested in pursuing the art of body piercing. She's an animal lover and in her free time enjoys dance and is willing to wear your product while she does so. She is a size medium and is 5'6. She has brown hair and an outgoing attitude, so she's always open to review your requests and try new things!  :) Sprinkle's is also a college student pursuing an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist while preparing for her medical career. In her free time, she enjoys working backstage on productions including lighting and set design which is quite the workout. Sprinkles is willing to wear your product during her everyday activities and is open to suggestions and requests!!!! We're best friends so we enjoy doing yoga together as often as possible. We've been close since the beginning of high school so we both enjoy similar things like theater, reading, writing, and crafts which is why each of our products comes with a hand written note from us. While we are best friends, we are also two different people so you can be sure to see diverse product in our shop. We are very interested in hearing your opinions, comments, questions, and suggestions so please message us whether you're interested in buying or just wanting to chat. We would love to hear from you!! :) :)