Passive Paradise

I love this fun-colored lace thong for everyday wear! It’s a great one for when I wanna feel extra sexy and extra confident. Whenever I wear them, I can’t help but add a little bit more of a hip-swing to every step. These pretty paradise print panties are a favorite whenever I go out on greek row, they make me feel so confident, sexy, and slutty out at the frats.  I’ve heard a few compliments about this pair if you know what I mean 😉  Get your bit of my lacy paradise xoxoMarissa



San Diego






18 - 24



Hey! I'm a 20 year-old college student who's ALWAYS all kinds of wet. Be it from holding it a little too long and leaking, or from getting too turned on from holding it. Sometimes, I even go as far as wearing diapers (my guilty pleasure). Aside from bladder control, I spend my time with friends and doing adventurous exercise like dancing (partying), rock climbing (pure adrenaline), or pole-fit (pole dancing). I love being and adventurous and trying out new things sexually, and the guys at the frats know it ;). I love giving everything I do a personal touch! Hope to hear from you soon xoxoMarissa