I want the panties you buy from me to be fresh, and taken right off of my body and shipped to you. So not only do I have a vaccum sealer where I can finish your panties and vaccum seal them up right away so that when you open the package it would be as if I had jusssttt taken them off and handed them right to you… but if you like orgasms in them? The orgasm will STAY WET. You want my scent? The smells will STAY PUT. And so with that being said— I don’t just wear panties for a day or two, and then post them… because the scent would have gone away by then… and so once you tell me what you’d like done to my panties. I then instantly personalize them for you! So they’re fresh! And so you get exactly what you want! So this specific pair is up for grabs and is ready for customization!!!! Message me, baby!!!😈💕



Ft. Lauderdale




Caucasian (White)


21 - 24



💋hey.. im super friendly and very flirty. im 22 & here for a good time!


I truly meant that I’m very friendly and very flirty! I enjoy making this an experience for you. So let’s chat about every single sexual fantasy and kink that you may have. I myself, have my own😉. I’m always using my vibrator anyways.. so how sexy that my wet panties can then be used for your pleasure too!


Every pair of panties I sell comes with an all ready 24 hour wear, and starts at $30. Then ANYTHING you could possibly want after that is legit only $7 bucks!! So if you want an extra 24 hours worn? You’d only pay $37. If you want an extra 24 hours worn and an orgasm? You’d only pay $44! You want 5 orgasms? A whole week worn! Anything extra is just $7! And orgasms and extra days worn isn’t the only thing you can have done to the panties😏. Also.. whenever someone pays $50 or over.. I do extras for them! So you can get an extra orgasm in your panties, or an extra day worn… or get a pussy pop! Which is a lollipop I play with inside of me for the entire length of a movie! ALSO CAN BE VACUUM SEALED FOR ONLY $10! (Would be free but I specifically save that money back up for the specific bags that have to be used for it).


Other than panties… everything else I sell also comes with automatic 24 hour wear and a “flat rate fee”. Then extras can also be added!

BRA: $45


OTHERS (Ask For Them And You Shall Receive): PRICE TO BE DETERMINED


Every 24 Hours Worn — $7

Every One (1) Orgasm In Them — $7

Two Hour Workout Session — $7

Pussy Pop (A Lollipop I Play With Inside Of Me For An Entire Length Of A Movie) — $10

Ass Pop (A Lollipop I Play With/Let Sit Inside Of Me For An Entire Length Of A Movie) —  $15

No Wipe After a Day’s Worth of Peeing —  $12

DID I NOT LIST SOMETHING YOU’D BE INTERESTED IN? Maybe a lil💩. My period? Or something else? Don’t be afraid to ask!!

I’m from the USA. But I ship everywhere in the world. And it’s ALWAYS FREE. Unless you bought something that can’t fit in a regular vanilla envelope that I can put stamps on. But even a box (let’s say if I had to put a bra inside) would still only be around $5-$10! I’ve shipped to New Zealand, Germany, France, UK, Australia and more!

Lastly— the one problem with this specific site is the way they have us list things, set up. It makes it look as if I had already worn, had an orgasm.. and more in the panties. And that you can buy them straight up. But the reason I bought a vacuum sealer is so when you open your package it would be as if I had JUST taken the panties off and gave them RIGHT to you. And that the orgasm is FRESH, and still wet. And the scent of me is still strong and I JUST had them on. I customize my items for your specific needs. So the price on my panty listings is (yes, the flat rate price you have to pay if you’d just want a 24 hour wear), but for any extras it’s more!

So let’s PLAY— you can absolutely ALWAYS message me on here. I’m always checking the site. But for a faster and easier way to chat— message me on the app: “KIK”. It’s specifically made just for messaging. And you can make a profile with no serious information involved, just like here on Sofia Gray!! It’s faster because unlike this site, we will both get notifications for each others messages as if we were straight up texting! My username is: “xoRileyRyan”. So just message me over there with two things:

•Your Name Here on Sofia Gray

•Say You’re From Sofia Gray

♡much love, XO