Nerdy Little Secret- ‘Captain America Cheeky’

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You’ll love the smell I leave in these soft cotton panties.  Three day wear starts with your order so they’ll be fresh and fragrant just for you.  Masturbation, Sex, Extra time worn and whatever else you desire can be added

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Hey there, thanks for visiting my shop! :) I'm just an adventurous bisexual girl who's dying to make you happy with my wet, juicy, fragrant panties.  I workout and have sex most days (usually with my boyfriend, sometimes he lets me bring a girl friend though,) so my panties are usually soaked ;) Custom options are always available and including:

Extended wear: $10.00 extra per day 

After exercise: $5.00 extra 

After Masturbation: $5.00 extra per session 

Worn during sex: $10.00 extra

I absolutely love to try new things so let me know if you have any other special requests.  Can't wait to hear from you ❤