My sexy thong

Having a long day at work has me thinking about that special someone, which has me so horny and is making my thong so wet. While in my cubicle I decided to slide my hand under my skirt and pulled my soaked thong to the side and start rubbing on my throbbing clit, nervously hoping no one catches me.  As I make myself cum I bite down on my pen letting out a quiet moan. I lick my fingers and fix myself and continue working.  It’s now  quitting time , I eagerly rush to my truck and start my vehicle, as I reach over to my glove compartment I pulled out my favorite vibrator bullet, I pull my spoiled thong to the side, as I insert the bullet. I began to drive home and with every bump on the road I can feel the bullet  vibration pressing inside of me and against my clit, as I climax multiple times I let out a gosh of cum and began to rub all my juices on my already soiled thong.  I’m finally home and I began to undress myself. I place the thong in a ziplock bag to retain the sweet essence of my juices, in hope to send it and letting you know what my thought and feelings of you made me do.



New York






36 - 40



Looking no further, I’m here to please your desire.