My Panties Are See Through

People describe me as transparent…well…so are my panties! I love these black mesh panties. At times it feels like I am wearing nothing. For this reason, I can’t take them off, I have worn this pair for a few days. It’s so wrong, but feels so right!

These feel so good when I touch myself. The fabric is so thin that I don’t even have to dip my fingers below the waistband. The mesh fabric also provides a great texture for me to rub myself with…I could do it for hours. In fact, I think have! I haven’t had these for long, but I would love to send them to a good home! XOXO

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Los Angeles






18 - 24



I'm dripping wet and waiting for you to check out my panties. Don't miss out!rnrnHello, welcome to my panty shop, where this naughty 18-year-old school girl is eagerly waiting to fulfill your panty loving dreams! My name is Carmella; I love to play with myself and others. I'm Bisexual, so I guarantee you'll never be short-handed on juicy material. My last partner told me I have an amazing tangy flavor...and she's not the only one with that opinion. I'd love for you to experience my intoxicating dewy folds. I love to keep things sexy, fun, and engaging. I'm open to your special requests for my panties, and who knows...I might include a handwritten note and a sample of what perfume I am using. I'm really excited to know that I could satisfy your wet desires. Learn a little more about me: Birthday: December 1999, I'm Italian (It's true what they say about Italian girls; we do it better!), Height:5’1”, Weight:115 lbs, Eye color: Brown, Hair color: Dark  brown, Bra size: 32 DD, Pantie size: Small. Any piercings: Yes!! I have dermals on my back, my belly button, ears, and my clit (Shhh...don't tell my mom). Turn-ons: Spanking ( I've been a bad girl), Lip biting, Hair pulling, Bondage, and so much more ;) Hobbies outside of the bedroom: watching anime (I'm a little bit of a nerd <3 DBZ), eating sweets, I love working out, watching movies, bubble baths, and shopping (always on the lookout for cute panties). HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Feel free to message me; I'll be waiting!rnrnBy the way... all panties come fresh (worn 24 hours prior) and discrete in a sealed bag. I'm a virgin when it comes to selling my panties, so please take good care of me! XOXO Curious how to pay me? Use: Then send to: [email protected] Heyyyy! I would be tickled pink if you would click the "<3" at the bottom of the page!!! Show me how much you love my pics!!!(updates coming soon)