My Oldest Pair…

This is a pair of underwear that I’ve had since early high school. These have gotten A LOT of wear, so if thats what you’re looking for these are the pair for you 😉



– $40 base price for 1 day length with everyday wear-

-custom orders available with any pair with masturbation, stains, etc by request with change in price accordingly. read bio for approximate price changes ;)-







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Young American college girl with a hot body here looking to fulfill your dirtiest dreams, all my panties are here for YOU ready for a new gets lonely living in Europe all alone and I can't wait to have the satisfaction of my cute underwear being everywhere and anywhere. I'm 5'3, Blonde, Ds, and always ready for something fun You can pick any type of underwear, you want me to wear. As soon as we have an agreement, I will start wearing it. You can choose any color or pattern, and I will wear it for as long as you like, with price according. You want newer, older, stained, worn, whatever, just contact me and I can make whatever you want a reality :) Feel free to message me !!any!! requests you may have ;) - prices will be per item depending on the cost of the underwear itself - one day wear (Original price stands) - 2 day wear (+20$) - 3 day wear (+ 35$) - 4 day wear (+ 50$) - 5 day wear (+ 65$) - 6 day wear (+ 80$) - 7 day wear (+ 90$) More days of wear are possible, message me with whatever you like ;) (-US ORDERS keep in mind shipping costs-) All packages will be discreet as we both expect ;-)