my nighties

i wear these panties to bed and do every night… for a week! when i lay in bed is when i rub myself, so they’ve been soaked plenty of times. i’ve had these panties for 2-3 years, i’ve gotten great use out of them & now they’re yours! if you have any requests, i’m open 🙂


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Los Angeles, CA



Hey everyone! Blonde haired blue eyed LA college girl here! I\'m your pretty, happy yet shy girl-- only when I want to be. The panties I\'ll be selling have been through it all with me.. I\'ve had them since I was 15! Through naughty days, sweaty days and just lounging around, all panties will be worn for at least 24 hours before shipping! I\'m super curious and open to ANY suggestions or requests.. after all, they\'ll be your panties so I\'ll do whatever you want to them!