My Lucky Panties! featured in my processional movies! Never washed.

These are my lucky panties!! NEVER WASHED! includes Lots of videos in them!

Cam in, fucked in, stuffed, flossed, weggied, slept in, sweat in, squirted in (cum/piss mix)

Please See *** listed below before purchase.

This thong I purchased from hustler a year ago when I first decided to start performing online. I did so well my first time I decided they were my Lucky Panties so I haven’t ever washed  since that day in 2016 a year ago!

they have been featured in many of my videos since then and became one of my trademark looks.

I don’t necessarily want to get rid of these it’s just that I think that if they can’t take very much more of my Hot, Creamy messes.

these babies have been full of my cum (I’m a squirter) too many times to count. they are still fresh with the cum I drenched them with from my last video I’ll ever had made with the panties.

***If you decide to purchase my Lucky Panties you will receive this package, sent next day air, containing the panties by themselves in professionally vacuum sealed packaging. Also in the package in a seperate envelope, several photos of me in these same panties, mailed with them. As a bonus gift  you will also recieve unlimited access to a set of videos all featuring, these panties being authenticated! (I.e. cumming, fucked in, masturbating, dancing or working out and sweating, squirting) Note: Squirting is a mixture of mostly cum & a little urine

& of course the last video of these panties and me masturbating with a hitchi and cumming in them.

*These videos are to ensure panties are 100% authentic & quality.

If you would like it so, after purchasing them, let me know if you would like to see me make a custom video with them,  doing and saying whatever you desire. Video will start with me telling you thank you using your screen name or even your real name if you would prefer that. ***

I have no other panties like this & will never buy another identical pair.

“All of Mia’s Dirty Secret panties and delicates are guaranteed authentic, quality, true to discription & One of A Kind. “


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Welcome to Mias  D i r t y  S e c r e t s ask me about custom orders! I have all kinds of panties that can come with day by day videos/photosets to show everything thats been done in my panties. Though I also have Used toys, lingere, out/dance wear, & PUSSYPOPS! & let me know if theres something you\'d be interested in, don\'t be shy! Nothing out there gets me more worked up then knowing there are gentlemen out there like yourself that appreciate my essence. I LOVE doing this for you & My need to please you is what makes me give You my very, very best. a little About me & my panties... I am a 21 year old part-time backup dancer, a yoga instructor & college student. I am a clean yet frisky little girl. My scent is a sweet yet pungent aroma that is unmistakable and completlely unique. My creamy white cum has a sweet but tangy flavor that you wont  be able to get enough of. Youve tried the rest now you deserve the Best.