My Little Blue Thong

These are the first pair I\’m trying to sell on this website. I\’m new to this and would love to gain pleased customers.

I wore this blue thong for 3 , and played in them everytime I got the chance.

My most rememberable moment within those three days of wearing it, would probably have to be the time I rubbed one out while driving to work. 😍


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Dallas, Tx



Phebe Vowell from Dallas, Tx.

5\\\\\\\’7, with blonde hair, great legs, and I love to play.

I like to wear my panties for you. It\\\\\\\’s like having you with me everywhere I go.. like to a super fun college party, or just relaxing in my dorm reading a book. And after you buy my panties, it\\\\\\\’s like having me everywhere you go. 😘

I have a really great ass and love to show it off. Check me out, babe ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I take request from high buyers!? 😘