My Dance Workout Booty shorts!

These are made specifically for dancers to tightly hold you in place & to make you sweat! I have sweat my ass off in these literally! I bought these just for working out and dance practice which I do every day. I wear them only for that & because they are workout wear they have never been washed! my sweat is a very sweet but strong smell that even I think is irresistible. these come with a video compilation of me dancing in them, working out, stretching  and  also while I was doing a warm up one day i had my mini vibrator in. I notice I was being watched by my assistant who helps me do my stretch. he asks if i want help \”warming up\”. when he starts i notice his cock is rock hard.  I need over and pull back my shorts to show him my pussy. I\’m soaking wet because I need to be touched so badly. we take turns playing with myself and I cum over and over. I went home and immediately vacuum sealed my cum soaked panties just for you♡


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Welcome to Mias  D i r t y  S e c r e t s ask me about custom orders! I have all kinds of panties that can come with day by day videos/photosets to show everything thats been done in my panties. Though I also have Used toys, lingere, out/dance wear, & PUSSYPOPS! & let me know if theres something you\'d be interested in, don\'t be shy! Nothing out there gets me more worked up then knowing there are gentlemen out there like yourself that appreciate my essence. I LOVE doing this for you & My need to please you is what makes me give You my very, very best. a little About me & my panties... I am a 21 year old part-time backup dancer, a yoga instructor & college student. I am a clean yet frisky little girl. My scent is a sweet yet pungent aroma that is unmistakable and completlely unique. My creamy white cum has a sweet but tangy flavor that you wont  be able to get enough of. Youve tried the rest now you deserve the Best.