Mommy’s Multicolored Thong

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Sexy black and grey thong with pink polka dots. Worn for one day of housework and cleaning.

As a young and very busy soccermom, I find euphoria in the thrill of being kinky behind closed doors. I've been told that I have a scent and taste that is intoxicating, and I tend to agree. I love my scent and taste, and I feel a deep and exotic satisfaction sharing it with others. As forementioned, I do tend to be a bit kinky, so don't hesitate to submit requests. Some of my favorite ways to explore my sexual prowess with others are through talking dirty, sharing naughty photos and videos, and personalized one on one camming sessions. If you have any interest in exploring these avenues with me, feel free to send me a personal message. Browse my wears, and stay kinky!