Milky lace panties

I wore these beauties for days to get them good and juicy then immediately sealed them in a ziplock bag. You will be one satisfied customer!



Virginia Beach




Caucasian (White)


31 - 35



Recent grad looking for a fun way to pay down student loans. I was a dancer for 5 years until joining the corporate world. I used to feel so sexy in all the dance outfits I wore, but now I’m sporting turtlenecks and button-ups. No one will know what’s really going on underneath 😂😂😂

Message me for requests 💕


Payment method: I prefer PayPal or Venmo, but I’m open to other options such as bank transfers or online gift-cards.

Packaging: All items are immediately sealed after worn in a ziplock bag to maintain freshness.

Shipping: Items will be shipped priority mail on or the next business day after payment. Domestic shipping will be paid by me. International shipping is available for an additional fee relative to destination.


Q: How do you get your panties so juicy?

A: My pussy stays wet 24/7 because I pleasure myself multiple times a day. When at work, I sneak off to the ladies room to do it.

Q: If I have a fetish for something in particular, would you be open to it?

A: Absofuckinglutely 😘

Q: What if I get addicted to your delicious milky panties?

A: We can set up re-occurring shipments to ensure your needs are met on time without stressing your wallet.

Q: Do you offer different types of panties? And if so, what types?

A: I have various types including, but not limited to: Stripper thongs, boy-shorts, bikinis, lace, cotton, granny-panties, work-out panties, etc.

Q: What’s the longest you will wear a pair for me?

A: 5 days. Longer if compensated appropriately .

Q: Will you go without showering while wearing panties for me?

A: Yes, but only up to 3 days over a weekend. If during the week, I’ll need to shower for work. However, I can avoid washing my lower half.