Little Boy Blue

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Little boys briefs, that fit so nice and tight, soaking up all my juice! Please contact if you’d like to customize these pair, I’m here to please!

Fulfilling requests the very best! I'm a pint size active fun and flirty redhead who enjoys going on hikes, rock climbing or dancing! I always thought it would be so intriguing to sell my dirty little  panties and once I came up with a catchy name the game was on! I'm quite the dirty novice and would love to cater towards your individual need. So, if you see a pair you like tell me exactly how to treat them before I send them your way. All panties are pre-used and not right out of the package to ensure 100%  usage and satisfaction. I eat a very clean diet and have a superb scent and  an even better taste. Enjoy a pair of my panties today!   EXTRAS- Workout Panties: +$5 Sex Panties: +$10 Stuffed Panties: +$12 Urine/Squirting Panties: +$15 ANYTHING is negotiatiable, get creative and lets work together! ~ Quixotic