Little Black & Yellow Scull Thong 💀

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These panties were given to me a long time ago by my girlfriend in high school. Sculls aren’t normally my style… but they are great for Halloween 🎃 Themed thong for your Holiday baby. They will be scary good. 💀

Hello there 😘 You’ve come to the right profile. I hope you are having a great day, but I have a feeling I can make it better. This should be fun for the both of us. 💋 xo


I am an all American girl next door, but have a little kinky side too. (No one knows I would ever do this) 😆 I am 5’9. I have blonde hair and blue-green eyes. Cup size is D.


Even though this is our little secret… I am a woman of integrity. What you ask for you will get. I have long car/airplane rides so my panties can absorb some of my amazing unique sweet smell.  I eat a lot of fruit and pineapple 🍍So I taste and smell delish.

I also was the #1 girl on my XC & Track team and I love running! I’ll do a hardcore workout in panties of your request for $40.


My aim is to quench your desires and requests. Let me know what you want/need and I’ll make it happen. Any style or print you request from any shop I’ll hunt them down and wear them for you. I will masturbate in them until they are very wet. I will package them up nicely and might even throw an extra surprise in there for you. I’ll also write a little sexy note for you to customize it further.


Standard length of time wearing the panties will be worn 2 days to get desired scent.

Additional days are extra:

3 days – $10

4 days- $20

5 days- $30

6 days- $40

7 days- $50