Lexi and Me

This is my limited edition threesome pair. This pair was originally worn for 4 days before something amazing happened.  I invited my friend Lexi to come over to watch movies but we got a little too drunk. I brought her up stairs to my bed and we both started to make out. We knew it was crazy but we just had to do it. She scissored me over my panties until I came. We made out some more and then she fingered me so hard that I couldn’t stop myself from my orgasm. Long story short, this pair is naughty. I think it’ll be worth your while. 😉







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Hey hunnies! Welcome to my store. This is where you can find anything beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies ;) I am a wild but sweet loving girl just looking for a little fun, hopefully with you! I am a blonde, curvy girl, and I'm aiming to please. Take a look at my inventory to find the perfect pair for you. I'm new so go easy on me, even though I do like it a little rough. ;) With each purchase you will get a Polaroid of me in the pair! Now let's have some fun, shall we?