Lacy Boy Shorts

Started wearing these on Tuesday. Wore them to work and kept them on that night while I got my vibrator out to pleasure myself. First I started on my underwear where they became very wet, then moved to right on my clit. I climaxed soon after. I wiped up my creaminess with the underwear.

I wore them throughout the day and then worked out in them. Took a spin class and got my usual sweaty self. Had a little residue on them. Wore them to bed a second night.

still have them on today.




Santa Barbara



I am 35 year old female from Santa Barbara, CA. 5'4" brunette, tan skin, athletic build. I am a preschool teacher who loves working with children. I love to work out, spinning, lifting weights, yoga, pilates and Bootcamp. When I'm not working I love going to new restaurants, trying new foods, wine tasting, cooking, going to the beach, and hiking. The panties I will be selling will be from my daily routine. Working and going to the gym. On special occasions I may add some masturbation or period panties.