Lacey Cheeksters

These are one of my favorite pair of panties.  I had some real fun with these.  They are comfortable and very sexy. I had a very busy day in them.   I woke up early in the morning, put them on, and run 2 miles in these. Then, I worked a 5 hour serving shift.  I came home, I relaxed a little and researched the internet for some environmental surveys to read up on.  When it was 5 o’clock, I met up with some friends and hopped around for happy hour.  When I was happy and tipsy, my friends and I went back to my place and swung around on my exercise pole for awhile.  Of course, we had to be in our bras and panties for the pole. But it was pretty fun and very hot. Can you picture 3 hots girls in their underwear on a stripper pole? Then you know exactly how my night went. Message me for any questions







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Hello, my name is Drew.  I am a young 23 year old who is taking a gap year between my bachelor's and master's degrees.  I have a bachelor's in Biology and a minor in Business. I have a huge passion for the Environment and love the outdoors.  I am a very active person and love always being on the go.  I was a cheerleader for 17 years, played lacrosse for 6 years, soccer for 4 years, and rugby for 2 years.  My current obsession is dancing on a pole because it is such an intense work out.  I have always been athletic and studious, hence sports and school work have been my whole life. Until I went to college, then I became the literal definition of innocent catholic school girl gone wild. And I'm just continuing to get more wild lol. I love to dance, drink, and party. I am a free spirited person just trying to explore the world. I wear each pantie for 24 hours, through work outs, daily adventures, sleeping, work, and of course having some fun with myself when I get bored ;). If you would like a customized order, message me. I am open to doing whatever makes you happy. I leave personal notes in each of my packages and I am happy to talk about sending photos as well to returning customers.