Juicy Barbie Panties

I love wearing theses cuties makes me feel like a little girl again. Taking special requests! whatever you like. I want to satisfy your every whim with my juicy and scented panties! Willing to add extras, such as masturbating, working out. Send me a message 😉







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Hi, I’m 18 year old female living in the sunshine state in Australia. I'm very sensual and comfortable in my sexuality. I work hard all day and even harder at night, I love to to play sports and surf and that leaves me hot and wet ;)

Outside of sexual type things, I like gaming, the Fallout & Oblivion/Skyrim series. I like to read fantasy novels  I will wear any style and take special requests Also, if you’ve got any desires that are unlisted, some smelly socks, pantihose, whatever you like, ask an ye shall probably receive. They are yours for the taking, any way you’d like them. I am open to your desires. PM me if your interested or want photos xox

The price is a bit high because it costs $23.50 to send even the smallest packet to the US for example, but on the bright side, fellow Australians and people buying more than one item at a time get a big discount  I really want people to be able to enjoy my stuff, and it it turns me on, but I have to be able to cover my costs. <3