Holiday Panties

Halloween Is Just Around The Corner…Glow In The Dark Holiday Panties Ive Masturbated In..Get It While It Lasts!

💋 Mary

xoxox JANE <3





First of all we want to welcome you to our shop! We are two best friends, with big asses, looking to fulfill your fantasies. We have a dream of opening a boutique one day so when you order from us, your making us one step closer to our dream, which we very much appreciate!

What kind of panties do YOU like?

We are very fun, sexual people and are always trying to come up with ways to intrigue you. Do you like star wars, pokemon, a certain team? Do you want a custom pair of panties with your name on them? Send us your request and we will do our best to make it happen. We love different panties and costumes and we hope some of you have some fun ideas for us!