High School Bra

Molta Bellastring(11) "Molta Bella" $30.00
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Hand-me-down bra I obtained back in high school. Have to give this away though, I’ve just gotten so big, I’m bursting out of it! Blue and white stripes with blue lace detail and some stitching in the back from back when it didn’t quite fit right.

Benvenuto! :* 4"11 Italian Cheerleader & Business Student. Long, dark curly hair, big brown eyes, and soft, warm tanned skin :) Aside from breaking a sweat on the sidelines in my cheer skirt, I enjoy other physical activities such as gymnastics, yoga, and have recently taken up an interest in pole dancing & aerial arts, so you can bet I'm hella soaked by the end of the day and pretty damn flexible :) Starting prices will be $30 each pair for one day of wear with an additional $5 charge for each day of wear after that, if requested. Open to discussing other special requests and prices of said special requests-in a civil and professional manner- via e-mail, [email protected] Parli presto, il mio amore :* Venmo for payment $$$