Green Lacy Goodness

Super hot sexy lacy boy shorts in olive green, worn to the gym through and intense leg day… you know what that means? SQUATS! SQUATS! SQUATS!







Caucasian (White)


25 - 30



Tell me how you want it Daddy! Lets get creative.... and make them all yours.rnrnHi! My name is Lucy :) And I have a super tight wet pussy! I love the thought of men getting off to my sweet sent. My pussy is always hot and ready. I'm 5'7 & 130Lbs. I'm a medical student. I love to workout. I dance, do yoga, and run. I'm kind of a naturally sweaty person, it makes every pair so much sweeter! Every guy who has ever gone down on me comments on how fucking awesome and sweet my pussy taste.rnrnImagine me riding your face as you inhale deeply the panties that were made speical, just for you!!!.... Fuck Yesss Baby!rnrnAll panties start at $30 and include shipping and handling.standard wear is 48+ hours.rnrnPlease message me for my menu of specialties to add to each unique pair.rnrn(Special requests, bulk orders, worn socks and work out shirts also available, please inquire through privet messages)rnrnOr email me directly at [email protected] pantie come sealed to lock in the flavor :PrnAll panties come with a Polaroid and A hand written Thank You note.rnrnPlease allow me time to respond to privet messages. I will always do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. I try my best to check messages a few times a day.rnrnI have only one rule! YOU MUST BE RESPECTFUL! I am a real human, with a real heart and if you're a dick.... I will ban you for life. So be nice!rnrnFallow me on twitter to learn more about me.rnInstagram and snap chat also available, message for details.