Green Lace Brazilian Booty Shorts! Long Wear

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Welcome all!

These panties are another favourite of mine, my green, lacy brazilian booty shorts.

I adore the way the super soft lace feels against my skin, and as the cotton gusset is very small, they often ride up inside me, and absorb my natural scent and juices.

I will be wearing these beautiful panties for 5 days, during which I will be doing my usual workout (running and squats), and masturbating in them, so they will arrive with you moist, and fresh with my scent. I hope you enjoy them as much I enjoy sending them to you!

Feel free to message me with any enquiries you may have.

Hello, and welcome to my page. I am nerdy cosplayer from the UK, a lover of all things geeky. I am a young, 5ft 9, curvy woman, with a big round booty, thick thighs and wide hips which finish off my gorgeous hourglass figure. I have a delicious natural scent, and it is for this reason that I am selling my panties, to share my glorious scent, for all of you to enjoy. I hope that you will enjoy them, as much as enjoy sending them to you, and knowing you will get pleasure from them. Most of my panties fall into two categories; nerdy briefs, or sexy lace panties. The majority of my panties are worn for 2 days as standard, however a few pairs will be worn for longer, with the added bonus of being masturbated in, and containing a stronger scent <3 I am open to suggestions on what you would like to see listed, simply message me with details.