Got DANK? RedHot Thong, HOT, gorgeous detail in back!

Got DANK. . . ?                     I do. Hesitated a bit posting these RedHot babies. . we have made some memories, and a few messes! . . RedHot Thong: Meshed front, with all lace back, gorgeous detail. . . .                                     Wore lovingly, 4 days, MASTURBADED 3x. . . and had a little. . helpful inspiration. . on the 4th.

Don’t forget to shoot a request,  let me know what YOU would like me to do, just. . . for you. . . I really love when you want me to make it personal.                              Happy 420!                                           –XOX



Los Angeles



Into fresh and trendy..? Maybe diggin\\\' that retro, rock\\\'n roll classic, look and attitude. Whatever you need to get there, my one and only goal, --to ensure you, get everything you want, and expect, when your specially-prepared package finally arrives. A truly kinky and fun exchange of intimacy, that just got sexier-uniquely yours, curated to what you like, how you like it. My never-complete selection of skimpy sets, including lil\' lacies, cheeky-sheer see-throughs, Whatever you\\\'re craving, my specialty Kinks are sure to expel any hankering with each serving. A simple, one-piece item, innocent when alone, but I add a subtle flare of my own, so you know, there\\\'s nothing innocent about it. If you don\\\'t get it now, just go on somewhere else, This game you can\\\'t play to win, there are no rules, and there are no players. If you\\\'re reading this, you\\\'re already the winner, reward yourself on a most-intimate level with my select styles that\\\'s just your taste, each including your very own piece of me small enough to bring with you- anywhere. Find which of my Kinks you just don\\\'t want to live without! Before someone else beats you to it.