Goin through the Cycle

These Victoria Secrets are my favorite period panties I love the way they hug my pussy lips and catch all the juices my tampon string misses. Stained with blood.



Los Angeles






18 - 24



Welcome to Pineapple Pussy Express! Here is a look into my Collection of Undies. I normally wear  small/medium thongs with the occasional period pantie briefs. =] The panties I offer are typically worn one day, but if you want me to wear them for an Extended amount of time ,want My Pee/ Poo stains, or if you’d like me to masturbate in them so you can have My juices with you Always, Let me know so I can provide that to you at an additional cost. I also offer Smelly Socks for your sexy sock fetish pleasure. On Occasion, I’m able to steal Undies from My Hot n Wild random one night hookups. (Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to wipe the Cum off Myself with them first! ;] ) Don’t be shy to let me know how I can fulfill your deepest pleasures and wildest fantasies!I’m a young, wild, clean eating, gym rat with The LA Dream of becoming an Actress/Model. Out here enjoying the beaches and living my best Life. Appreciating each day for what it brings me and the people I come across.All items will be shipped to you discreetly in a sealed Zip Lock baggy containing My Scent as well as a Personal Handwritten note. As of now, I accept payments via Google Wallet. Thank you for your time and I look  forward to hearing you soon! Chao!