First panties!!!

Who will be the lucky one? Since it’s my first panties EVER to be sniffed by someone other than me, I’m going to keep this simple (not too simple). I’m going to leave these on for 2 days (48 hours). I usually change after I’ve masturbated, but not this time. 😋

Additional photos will be printed and included in the package,  for your eyes ONLY.

Shipping cost will be extra and will be calculated depending on your location.







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Hello 😊 I’m Ruby and I’m 23 yrs old. I’m very new at this so here are a few things you need to know about me:

– I’m British but I currently live in Rome, Italy, as an exchange student.

– I believe that when it comes to underwear preferences there are no limitations. I sometimes feel flirty, sometimes sexy, sometimes romantic or sometimes even nasty 😏. I have a quite large variety of underwear so I’m sure at some point I will be YOUR TYPE.

– Like I said, everyone has preferences and you shouldn’t be ashamed of yours. Don’t be shy…ASK AWAY! If I can’t do it, I will let you know (always nicely). So no biggie…👊

– Sometimes I’m size ”Medium”, sometimes ”Small”, depending on how tight I want the panties to be.

– All underwear will be sealed in plastic bags immediately after taking them out.

– Shipping cost will be extra and will be calculated, depending on your location. 🚢