First Posted Panties!

I’m really excited about this pair of cute little pink undies because they’re my first pair to list anywhere! I took some videos that I thought you might enjoy of me masturbating in them. I’ve linked them below. Please view in the order I’ve pasted them. The photos I’ve included in the gallery are of me wearing them today and the photo of my pussy is right after I masturbated. I hope these panties will bring someone happiness filled with the sweet smell of my come. xoxo







Caucasian (White)


41 - 45



Hello There. Here's my story: I got married at a young age (22) and we were together for 20 years. I only stayed with him that long because of our two children, but about a year and a half ago, I decided that I couldn't do it any longer. My sex drive was insane (I'd just turned 40) and the only sex life I'd had was with my husband. I never got to sow my wild oats, as they say. Once we were divorced, I went wild to say the least. I was only interested in sex and that was a rare opportunity for a lot of guys. I was dating a lot of guys half my age. It was hot! I did a lot of wild things. I fucked anywhere and everywhere. I had threesomes with couples. I had lesbian experiences (I realized I'm bisexual, but prefer men.) I then slowed down and ended up in an 8 month relationship. And now I'm seeing someone new. He's not into sharing me, so I needed a place to feel like I could still be naughty. So here I am. : ) I've been told that my pussy smells and tastes really nice. That it's attractive to look at: small and pink and soft. I weigh 130 lbs, get a Brazilian wax regularly, and my skin is super soft and fair. I masturbate ALL THE TIME because I'm always horny. Just writing this turns me on. It will turn me on knowing that my worn panties might turn someone else on. I'm excited to be here. xoxo