First Pair of Lovely, Innocent Panties

This is my first time ever selling my panties so I chose my favorite! This is the first pair of sexy panties I ever bought when I was fourteen years old and I love them because of the way it shows off my sweet ass and the cute floral design. I wore them only on special occasions throughout high school and I’ve been wearing them for three days now, but I’ll wear them even more if you want 😉 I’ve masturbated twice wearing them but just tell me if you want me to touch myself even more and I’ll comply. They’re nice and creamy from my pussy that is virgin tight and is guaranteed to have a smell to make you go wild. Will come with a scented, personalized note I’ll take extra care to write since this is my first time!







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



18, cute little virgin with a tight, sweet pussy and wild fantasies that will one day come true, but for now I'm here to please you! I have an adorable, submissive personality and I'll do everything I can to make you happy. Help me come in touch with my sexy side and get yourself a pair of lovely panties covering a pussy that's never been touched by anyone other than myself. Let me know what you want from me and I'll make it happen. Every purchase will come with a personal, handwritten note and my gratitude.