Daisy\’s Biology Beauties

Imagine sliding your hands beneath the layer of my denim jeans, under my panties, onto the hot bed of cream waiting to be smelled. Being a university student, the stresses of funding my college tuition, combined with stresses of my academic classes, can be overbearing. Touching myself eases that chaos, but I wanna take it a step further.  I wanted to masterbate in my biology class, and now? Now I want you to take a whiff. Get your hands on them now- I\’m still wearing them. I\’ll write you a sexy note, too.

Can\’t wait to hear what you think!




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Miami Beach, Florida



Inhale the sexy, elegant, classy aroma of two sexy, elegant, and classy women- Lady and Daisy. Lady Daisy gives you the chance to sink your face into a dainty piece of lingerie and take in the aroma made to stimulate the senses of pure pleasure. Our thirst quenching pieces are drenched with the feminine juices of both Lady and Daisy. Purchase our satisfying garments and also receive a sexy hand written note made personally just for you.