Cream Lace Thong

Creamy (in more ways than one) lace thong.







Caucasian (White)


36 - 40



Hi my name is Holly. I am 39, and I work as a PA in the city. I have long blonde hair, and I am a buxom blonde, cuddly size 20. I have cotton, satin, or lacy knickers, panties, and briefs, all worn by me, to sell. I remove them, and package them while still warm, and with full aromas, just prior to posting them to you. I love submissive men.   Dominatrix package I am Mistress Holly. I dominate silly, little men & train them to my standard.   I only work with naughty, insolent, and needy, little men who need to be taught how to behave.   I am a Dominant, powerful Godess.   I am a highly effective Dominatrix & I value my submissives as my pets, but do not take this as a weakness. If you get on the wrong side of me you will regret it!   I have no tolerance for a submissive who does not know his/her place. I will not keep a submissive who challenges my authority or balks at commands for very long, I expect total obedience at all times   Holly xx