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Cream colored cheeky panties work during my grueling day slaving over spreadsheets. 10 hrs of grinding my hot horny pussy in to my chair. Oh to have you sitting under my desk to tease me as I work.

38 yr old mother. I may be a size large but I am evenly proportioned with a nice thick booty. Auburn salt and pepper hair and hazel eyes that change colors with my mood. My sons friends think I am hot lol. Single at this time and and loving the freedom but not the celibacy. Miss having a man to get me all hot and bothered and making me cum until I squirt my sweet juices all over you. Will take requests. Have current stock or can wear them just for you. Your choice. Shipments made on Saturday usually. Please let me know any special packaging requests. I do have a sealer or can just use Ziplocs. Looking forward to getting to know you and serving you my sweetness.