Cotton Thong

New thong 😉



Los Angeles




Caucasian (White)


21 - 24



Hey there all you panty sniffers, It's Natalie! I want you to indulge me with all your secrets and fantasies so first let me tell you a few things that drive me wild;   The sensation of swimming naked in the sea; feeling the cold water twist and splash around my limbs as they go goose-bumped and numb from the cold.   Riding my bike in the sun; smelling the fresh air and allowing the bumps and vibrations along the road to massage and excite me.   Panties; from the way they pull and rest along the curves of a woman's body to their sweet and slightly tangy smell. It's true... we have something in common ;)   And to be honest, that little secret of mine is why it turns me on so much to think of you smelling me. I understand the excitement and intimacy and want to be the one to provide it for you. I want to honor, explore, and manifest your fantasies. For me, making you cum is a serious business.   So let's get talking. *****Free masturbation for new customers! ;)***** Panties- $30 (48hr wear and a handwritten note) Stockings/yoga pants/ leggings - $35 (48h wear)   Additions: Extra day- $10 Handwritten letter detailing a time I was turned on that day- $15 Three photos throughout the day- $10 (no face) Masturbation and short video clip- $15 (no face) Pee without wiping- $5 Skid marks or pee in them- $20 Ovulation- $15 Menstruation- $10 Modify diet for 24h before to adjust flavor- $150   Kik: 10 minutes of sexting- $10 30 minutes of sexting- $25 Girlfriend Experience 1 week (no sexting)-$150 Ultimate Girlfriend Experience 1 week with sexting- $350   Currently only acceptingly giftrocket.   NO: Talking badly about your wife. Roleplaying or fantasies related to rape or minors.