Cloud 9

cloud 9 is exactly where I put myself when I touch myself in this pair, a girl knows her own body best right? 😉 This pair has seen a lot. This pair is one of my favourites. The lacey details against my skin make me so hot. I’ll be wearing them for 5 days so that you can have all of me 😉 I will be doing my usual everyday activities, pleasuring myself, and working out. When they get sent to you, you’ll be able to enjoy the Polaroid I send along with it. Can’t wait to hear from you hunnies!







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Hey hunnies! Welcome to my store. This is where you can find anything beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies ;) I am a wild but sweet loving girl just looking for a little fun, hopefully with you! I am a blonde, curvy girl, and I'm aiming to please. Take a look at my inventory to find the perfect pair for you. I'm new so go easy on me, even though I do like it a little rough. ;) With each purchase you will get a Polaroid of me in the pair! Now let's have some fun, shall we?