Classic Black Thong

This lacy black thong is almost ready for you! My wet pussy enjoys the feeling of the lacy fabric against my lips. This perfect pair of panties has been on a lot of adventures with me but I am ready to pass them along to the world. I will be wearing this classic black lacy thong with my everyday life and that includes long work days and then of course my daily workouts, masturbation sessions and what not.

Please help me to customize your perfect panties! Please send me all requests so my scent is made with you in mind, special for you 😉



St. Petersburg




Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



I am 23 years old with dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. I love the beach, running, and traveling the globe! But of course my favorite thing is touching my wet pussy until I cream into my panties. Just the thought of someone enjoying my moist panties really makes me bothered ;) It gives me chills just thinking about walking around in my panties, my pussy feeling the moist fabric, creating an amazing scent just for you. I am here to accommodate you! Specific colors, types of panties, or experiences. You and I will together build the perfect custom set of dripping wet panties that meet your every wish. Help me make panties with a scent specially made for you ;)