So this pair is one of my favourites. It fits very tight and I love pulling it all the way up on my waist so it gives me a wedgie and rubs against my hole. The fabric is very soft and high quality and I’ve realised that scent doesn’t really wash out of this pair and that it locks it in.. 🙂 . I usually don’t wear these every day just because I always pull them up so high that it rubs against my hole and instantly gives me a hard boner that is dripping in precum, and thats not practical for my everyday life. However that makes them even more fun for when I’m bored at home just lying around looking for something to do and the best thing to do is to masturbate in those situations. I pull these up really high and stimulate my hole and then insert something in it….well yeah I won’t get into it but definitely on the sexy side. What do you think?

Add ons with prices for this pair are:

Every Additional day = 10$ (Up to 5 extra days)

Wear Them A Whole Week = 60$

Work Out In The Pair (Per Work Out) = 5$

Masturbate In the underwear (NO CUM) = 10$

Cum In The Underwear = 30$

Pee Stains = 5$

Poop Stains = 10$


The Piece will arrive in an envelope in which the underwear will be wrapped in tissue paper and zipped up in a zip lock bag to preserve the scent. Next to that there will also be a few pictures of me wearing the underwear and a personalised hand written thank you note.







Caucasian (White)


18 - 24



Hi, I am 18 years old (Newly legal...) and I am a small build skinny twink. I have a somewhat active lifestyle and love underwear. I also love playing with myself and sometimes if I get too excited it just ends up all over my underwear. I would love to share my underwear with you, and know if you like it. Please send me messages as to what kind of stuff you are into.  I am open to anything... If you have more specific things you would like me to do for you please don't be shy and just send me a message and I'm sure we can work something out. All of the underwear is made to order. So the underwear that is displayed in the pictures is clean and then depending on what you want it will be "used" and "modified" which will determine the price. If you want other specific types/models of underwear (Calvin Klein, Hollister, Jockstrap, Women's) please just let me know.