Blue & Bows

Navy blue, soft, nylon, V string,  from VS.

Can wear for additional days and/or additional activities as requested.


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Young, athletic, red headed, college student. Open to requests always! Panties are from varied sources but I will take special requests for other brands/ styles/ colors depending how easy they are for me to find. Prices will vary. Choose a pair, how long, and what you would like me to do in them (workout,masturbate, sex, etc.) All panties are shipped in a ziplock bag to preserve scent and shipped discreetly in plain packaging

I love special requests and will do my best to make your panties as personalized as possible. Please let me know what I can do further to satisfy you.

Additional charges for extra days or activities.

Buyer pays for the shipping cost.

Send me a PM and let me help you fulfill your fantasies. ;)