$35 Base Gold Thong: Tell me how you want it

I feel so sexy in this thong, I’ll do whatever you request in it. It’s seamless, shiny, and it makes me wanna touch myself all over. It’s also my first pair I’m selling on here 😉 so teach me your ways!


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Welcome to my shop! 24 years old, tattooed, curvy-yet-athletic and my personal style goes between sexy and edgy. I am heavily influenced by pop culture too! I love all styles of panties but my favorites are cheeky bikinis, thongs, and cute boy shorts. My girlfriends would describe me as a free spirited creative chick with a lot of kinks. I am basically attracted to everyone, I love men but all my fantasies are about girls, or about being tied up ;)

Shop Policies

I buy mainly from department stores, but I take requests for the brand, color or style you like best provided I can find/purchase it.

Otherwise you can choose a pair for me to wear and let me know what you would like me to do in them: I am willing to work out (I lift weights), masturbate, have sex, or we can work out another activity of your choosing.


• $35 for one day of normal wear

• $40 for one day plus masturbation/sex/workout/etc

• $45 for two days of normal wear

• $50 for two days plus masturbation/sex/workout/etc.

• $15 for a sexy photo of me wearing the panties -- I am an artist so photos are top notch!

I ship panties in a ziplock to keep the scent and always use discreet packaging.

Buyer pays for the shipping cost.

Got a fantasy in mind I can help you with? Send me a PM and we can talk about it ;)