1 Day Period Wear

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Id love to be your little Lacey secret!

These cute panties will be worn while I complete all my normal daily tasks for 1 day while on my period. Nothing will be worn to protect the panties, so they will be soaked in my vagina juices and blood.

They will be worn after purchase is made (on period) then will be vacuumed sealed and posted  asap to ensure best possibly quality.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me through this website or my email at: [email protected]


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I'm Lacey, a 24 year old beautifully curved size 20 woman with an Italian background. I have big boobs, a small waist, big hips and thick thighs that match my big curvaceous bottom. Id love to be your little Lacey secret! *SPECIAL REQUESTS ARE WELCOMED! *All panties will be Vacuum sealed and posted asap to insure quality *All panties displayed are 100% clean until purchase is approved *All purchases will be posted at your discretion. Any further requirements regarding postage will need to be requested. *All items that you want to be worn for more then one day will need to be requested before purchase. *All requests can be made through this website or via my email address which is [email protected] I look foward to hearing from you xx