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20 year old college student with a juicy pussy looking to fulfill your fantasy! Nothing's off the table...just ask.

My name is Alice. I'm 25 and from the UK. It rains a lot here so when it's wet outside I'm getting wet inside. My scent is unique and long lasting. All panties for sale are worn for 24 hours or masturbated vigourously in. I like to play with my magic wand whilst wearing panties. It makes me feel dirty, especially when I see the stains. Special requests welcome, I'm open minded. Ask away.

Hi! I'm a curvy 38DDD and thought this would be a fun way to earn some extra spending money. I also love the thought of you getting hard while enjoying my panties that I made just for you!

I've been told that since I went vegan a few years ago that I now smell and taste sweeter than ever!

I'm open to any kind of panties or outfits, so send me your request and I'll make sure you get the panties of your dreams :)

I keep myself natural, but closely trimmed - if you want me to wear your panties for more than 24 hours, let me know and we can arrange that for the right price.

HOT, YOUNG, pussy! I'm a fit naughty girl who's skin is chocolate brown. Tasty.... taste me! Message me to get exactly what you want! I don't bite...

Hi I'm JessicaLove ! I'm 5'4 , 125 lbs. I have long brown hair. I live in Louisiana and I love to travel. I like to walk the beach, swim, watch movies and eat lol. My panties are almost the same as gold. They're worth a lot so I thought why not see if anyone wants to cherish a pair.. I love requests !

Currently working as an ER technician going to school for nursing ! Nothing that pleases me more than knowing I can tease and accommodate your needs. 

Engaged-to-be-married 19 year old bi-sexual slut getting a thrill from selling you her wet used panties without her fiance knowing! I enjoy fucking, pole dancing and masturbating. I'm always open to help another get off as best as they can, so if there is something special which you would like to see or buy, all you need to do is let me know. I am clean, shaven, tight, dirty girl who loves to watch porn, making sure I cum at least twice a week. I am open to any form of masturbation.

Pssssssst.....Hey I've got a secret, there's a ginger genie living in my underpants if you give her a rub she'll make all your wishes come true. 

Hi I'm Genie, I'm your typical filthy minded girl next door, I love all the joys of life; loving, laughing,  eating and fucking (either with myself or if i'm lucky with someone else!). 

Due to my love of all things naughty I like to keep a relatively healthy lifestyle with running, cycling and what might be interpreted as yoga (it's usually me grunting and waving various body parts in the air).

One minute I may be a cute lace wearing sweet heart, the next a latex wearing horn dog begging to be dominated. 

I'm from the UK, with long ginger hair and an hour glass figure, with 32 DD/E boobs and a lot of junk in trunk. 

I enjoy fantasizing and participating in all sorts of perversions.

I am a friendly and open minded gal so feel free to drop me a line if you like what I got.


Peace, love and wetness darlings. Xxxxx

Skye. 22. Bright blue eyes with a cheeky smile. Brunette. Naughty. Dirty. Loves requests 😘


I’m From Australia 🇦🇺 

I work full time as a PA to a Dr. 


Most of my panties are ones I wear every day – or afew more 😏 hehe 

A few are a little more intimate….


I have a sweet smell and taste – but if you want a dirtier dose then please just request…



If we become familiar I will reveal my face to you – I am quite beautiful which just adds to your pleasure and excitement. 

Im 24 years old and am trying to become an model. Right now i have done some runway work and am currently working a day job to pay the bills. i work out about 3-5 times a week at the gym and try to go running every other day. Gonna be selling mostly thongs at first and then branch out if you guys like me;) Im really open minded and willing to take special request for the right price.

I'm a horny teacher,  ready to see you after class.  I'm a blonde, fit woman, here to fulfill your fantasy. I love requests of any kind. I can't wait to hear from you! 

  Hello Everyone,   I am the complete package. Brains, beauty and booty. With a dynamite body, sexy tattoos, and the face of an angel, this college coeds unmentionables will leave you wanting more and more of my tiny little panties.   If you want to see more of my pictures I also work off of a website:   If you have any special requests, questions, or concerns you can e-mail me directly at   I like to wear thongs, boy shorts, and other things at your request. ;)   I accept payments through PayPal. :)

Tell me how you want them I will provide them cum stains period daily or weekly your choice be generous for your purchase just like my panties

Come shop my underwear for all your exotic ebony needs. For any special request feel free to send me a message.   Happy Shopping!

Hi I'm Fox. I'm a 27 year old female landscaper and aspiring business owner. I'm 5'4", 150lb, green eyes, glasses and hair that changes color with the seasons. I sell panties and socks and other garments. Every item is worn for a full 24 hours unless other wise noted and special requests are accepted.

You know that babe with the amazing ass in your office? The one always wearing a tight pencil skirt with a high slit up the back. That ass you want to bend over the copy machine. These are her panties... I'm 31, 5'3", 100 lbs. I work hard. I play hard. I have a bunch of sexy, cute, fun panties to share with you. Imagining you getting my wet panties in the mail & fulfilling your fantasy gets me off at night. Tell me your fantasy & I will take care of you.

I'm a curvy young woman, new to selling my panties. I've been told I taste and smell very delicious by previous partners. Have lots of great smell to go around! Prices will vary depending on length of time worn and what was done while wearing them. I will absolutely take special requests, even down to the color and type of panty desired! Your wish is my command. The ONLY exception is that I will not give pictures with my face in them.

I’m that quiet good girl working in your office that you want to fuck.

I have naughty cravings that I want to share with you, I want to be everything your wife or girlfriend isn’t …  Cum to me to make all your panty fantasies cum true. I want you to tell me what to do next for my panties to be just the way you want them ! I love to touch myself when I have beautiful panties on. It turns me on and makes my pussy dripping wet knowing that you will cum on them next. It makes me cum so good knowing you will smell my sweet juices after I have been a very bad girl wearing my panties! 😏

Welcome. I am Denise a 40 something MILF that has been selling my panties and intimate items along with my friends for nearly 10 years. We do more than just panties. We can also include photos or even videos, so you know you what you are getting is coming from us. We like to stimulate all your senses (see, touch, hear,taste and smell)

For those that may be new to our store or our auctions,  we want to welcome you and tell you a little about who we are and how this all got started.  I (Denise) work with a lot of women (I mean a lot), my company is almost 100 percent female and we are all mostly regular wives from next door between the ages of 30 and 55. I started selling my panties in online auctions in 2007, after my husband posted my photos in a"nude wives" contest on one of those amateur nude photo websites. Surprisingly I won the contest and the cash prize.  In addition to winning the contest, many viewers emailed me and asked to buy my panties and or pantyhose from the photos (i was wearing a thong under silky smooth pantyhose in some of the photos).  Then one of them suggested I sell my panties in an online auction site, which I have been doing ever since. I just heard about Sofia Gray and wanted to try it out. My store may be new, but we have been soaking our panties for happy buyers for nearly ten years.  Over the years, I got many of my co-workers and girl friends I know from school and our kids stuff to join us in the fun. It's been an erotic adventure we hope does not end anytime soon.

Email us if you have questions to: 

I will continue to get some of my friends and fellow MILFs to put up panty auctions from time to time, so watch out for the fun. It really gives us a refreshing break at work and makes for a lot of interesting girl talk when we are on the road or in person around the office on Fridays.. he he he. For now, the ladies who sell the most with me are Kelly, Beth, Jennifer, Taylor and Anna. All of us offer up our panties for you and they are all well-worn and prepared with a lot of attention to detail.  We will also occasionally put up our sexy well scented stockings and heels. I (Denise) and Kelly and Beth will occasionally do custom videos when we get the chance to play, especially when we are on a road trip.

If you would like to see us put up a particular item, do not hesitate to email us, but please be serious about your request.



We can accept Square Cash, Giftrocket, Cash or a blank money order mailed. If you would like to ask about other options, please do so before you bid. We expect payment promptly please.


We ship all of our items individually sealed up inside a discretely marked priority shipping package with delivery confirmation.  Shipping costs depend on the item, but most of our panties or stockings are $7.00.  This the cost to ship them. Unlike some sellers, we are not going to try and rip you off by charging extra just to mail the item you are buying from us.

I am size extra small, 91 pounds,  very petite. Willing to give you all your wants and needs when it comes to panties :) I am an artist, I love to hike and exercise. Willing to ship my panties in any condition you like.

Hi I'm Shelby! Welcome to my hobby shop where you can get any kind of panties your heart desires! There's nothing I won't do so please feel free to request anything! Don't be shy. I love to sing, dance, go for a run, and hit up the gym sometimes. I'm a real down the earth person! For any specifications on pricing or any specific task you'd like me to do please message me. All panties are new never been worn.

$20 base reg 1-2 days

$25 base reg 3-4 days

$15 per day base wear for anything longer than 4 days

Special requests message me.

Hi guys! Just a REAL girl here looking to help make your fantasies come true . I have plenty of options available that all come with Ashleys authentic aroma :) Let me know what I can do to make you happy . I have plenty of options including , pictures of me wearing them for you , video's of me pleasuring myself in the panties you ordered or maybe you have some sexy Ideas? Im a cute, fit , active lady . I like to go to the gym , run , yoga all of which ill be doing in the panties you purchase of course ! Hope to hear from you guys !

University student looking to get extra money to help me through school, what better way to do it than to help you. I am very open to special request's of what kind of underwear to wear, for how long, what to do in them etc. I have a naturally strong scent, message me to find out