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Welcome to my Curvy shop single Yummy Mummy Any requests  just message ❤️

Wet, Playful & Fun! Your Wish Is my Command... Sex is always on my mind, my pussy is wet all day thinking about cock.

Single 20 year old trying to put my way through school. I am 5’6 120 lbs, and I’d say I carry most of my weight in my butt :) I walk most of the day around campus and love working out.

I'm a single working mom of 2. seriously just trying to make everything work out great with no money help from anyone without "giving something in return" :)

About Me I'm a 6'2 model just looking to make some extra money. I wear a size large underwear since have a big butt and smaller titties. I am a college student who is bisexual and loves to experiment! I workout almost every day, I love to run, lift, play basketball and sweat a lot! On the weekends I love to go for a swim, I'll take time to masturbate on occasion, and party with my friends.  About My Brand

Starting Price for everyday-use panties will be 25$. For details on extra days of wear or other special requests, message me. I take special requests on just about anything, and will even purchase and wear a pair of your choice. Some of my favorite offerings are:

Working out

Extended wear (5+ days)


Other deals:

I sell fetish items by request


Can’t wait to work with you!


Hello sugar, I am Alice! New to the site but not new to the game! I've been selling my panties and more for a year now. I'm a 5'4, petite 21 year old with the light weight of 119Ibs. While my best store items are panties and photos, I offer so much more! Come get a taste of what this sweet southern peach has for you!

My name is Sarah. I'm a 23 year old living in Miami. I'm 5'7" and I weigh 145 pounds. My biggest asset is my ass. I do squats daily to make sure it stays tight and hard. Let me know your fantasies and I'll do my best to make them a reality.

There is nothing like the curves of a woman's body. The fullness of breasts, the little butt that fits so perfectly in your hand. I want to share this beauty with you. Let me fulfill your every desire. Panties fresh from a steamy fuck session, a work out, period stains, number of days worn (up to three), styles of panties, or whatever your heart desires. I'm very open.

Clean panties can be purchased in whatever color and style you wish for an additional $25.

Each additional day is 5-10 dollars depending on the style of panties.

Sex is 15 dollars more.

Period stains are 20 dollars more.

Masturbation is 10 dollars more.

ALL payments go through Square Cash.

A delectable scent, this pussy smells sweet and delicious from a primarily Vegan diet. Think of lots of pineapples, berries, and watermelon 😉 This pussy has an active lifestyle: yoga and running, as well as a bicycle-commuter – all the good stuff stays in one place with thongs and leggings. On the cold nights, staying under the covers with panties keeps her warm, especially when she wants to play with herself ❤️

Treat yourself to a seriously pretty pussy scent – you will not be disappointed.

Requests very welcome – open mind and open heart is here.

Sexy, creamy, sweet, and sensuous. These are just a few words to describe all the panties that are lucky enough to grace the presence of my luscious ass! Whether your preference is cream, scents, or any of the vast amounts of stains, Aria has your best fetish interests at heart! See something you like? Know something you want? Let me know! I'm looking forward to fulfilling all your darkest desires! XOXO -Aria <3

Prettiest Panty Shop Around

At LaBeezy's playland, your wish is my command .... I am always juicy and creamy, maybe it's because I touch myself daily, or that I am dicked down daily. Nevertheless, I am eager to fulfill any special requests....

Used, oozed & abused. I'm looking to complete your fantasy with my feminine scent. I want to bring you to places you've never been. Custom orders available. Also have a 5'1 roommate who is able to join in on the fun. She's a size small but is feisty and is willing to get a little wet. I'm easy, as long as you are willing.

Hi there!

My name is Zoe, I’m 20. 140 lbs brown hair blue eyes DD. I’m always checking my shop so if you have any specific requests or questions, don't be shy.   Payments accepted through google wallet


Like what you see? It’s all been on or in me... ;) I love playing with myself in my favorite pair of panties and saving them for you to experience... message me for special requests...   xoxo

We're two best friends in our early twenties. We are down and dirty for everything, including sharing our panties ;) We want to please YOU, so send us any requests to make ur dreams come true, including any menstrual blood fixation ;P

I'm petite, blonde, and extremely juicy. My pussy can squirt like a waterfall within seconds of being touched, and I love to share that with the right person. It can be quite magical. I can also queef on demand. My pussy is magic! 

I'm open to all kinds of kink. I sell panties, videos and Kik sessions. I also love all things furry, new lingerie and costumes. Ask me about my Amazon wish list, there are a lot of things I want to cum into and put in my pussy and ass for you! If you have an idea for something you'd like to see, I'm open, just ask.

Fresh g-strings and thongs worn by a naughty sweet 22 year old

I'm always wet and naughty, so my panties are sure to please.

$15 base wear (24 hrs) 

+$10 per additional 24 hrs

+$10/day no shower between days (3 days max)

$20 workout panties 

$25 pee soaked panties

$30 masturbation panties 

$35 panties worn during sex

$45 Pleasure vids in panties

$55 stuffed panties (kept in 12 hrs max)

Contact for other special requests or with questions 

Deeply dive into My closet. There’s a wide variety and Every bit of me is tasty. I’m 26 years old 164lbs milf and enjoy being naughty at all times. Like to customize what you want I can give it.

sexy worn panties for your pleasure. Let me know exactly what you like and I'll deliver xoxo

******New Content Recently Added*****   Curvy Moth is a brand I decided to start by selling lightly or highly use panties, stockings, bras, or sexy lingerie. Special orders are more than welcome and the store will be fully stocked with my used intimates. Curvy and thick. Pale, blue eyes, and dark hair. BBW If you have questions about me or my brand. Please, let me know.

classy, sassy, and big assy! I am a young college graduate who loves to workout to keep my athletic, curvy build. I am open to any requests, just let me know what you like and we can make it happen.

Hey you guys! Welcome to my dirty little secret. I am a young, athetic and curvy built female who is so happy to be apart of a site that lets me explore my sexuality more. To start off, I am a very sexual person, but more so in the sense that my guilty pleasure is that I masturbate everyday..sometimes twice a day ;) Most of the underwear that I will selling on here will be wore during one of  my "pleasure times". However, special requests are more than welcome, actually encouraged. Your wish is my command. I am not objective to sending you videos of me pleasuring myself, the more people who enjoy it the better right? Also, if you would like me to purchase a specific type/color/brand etc of underwear that you would like to see me wear or fulfill whatever your request may be, I am more then willing to do so. Lets have some naughty fun; being nice is no way to live life.

Special requests on 24 hour regular wear base pay of $40.00

Extended Wear (two weeks max)- $10.00 per day

Worn during sex – $40.00 per session

Masturbated in- $30.00 per session

No shower (4 days max)- $15 per day

Object play- $30.00 (on top of masturbation and depending on object)

Worn during workout- $20 per session

Video of me pleasuring myself in panties- $50.00


I'm a kinky 19 year old college student who's down for anything c; I'll try anything at least once c; I'm 5'3 and weight about 120lbs. I wear small panties and a 32DDD bra c; Petite brunette with a big bust and tight, wet pussy. Feel free to message me any special requests c;