Selling anything! Socks, panties, bras, used dancewear and more! Will take specific requests, very kinky and there's nothing I'm not willing to try once. I'm 5'6" and 120 lbs, in my early 20's. Panties ranging from small to medium size, most from Victoria's Secret/Pink. Ask me about buying in bulk!

Welcome to Under My Skirt! I'm Madison, and I try my best to provide you with the sweetest, most natural scented, best smelling undies possible. Being able to sell you my used panties  brings me great erotic pleasure. I also take requests such as time worn and activities to be done in them!

Enchanting Libido is the right place to go where to find many different kind of lingerie. Follow me and, whenever you find something you like, do not hesitate.

24 year old curvy MILF with a booty that doesn’t disappoint. Growing my booty daily at the gym... meaning extra wet panties for you.

Seeking very special buyer for my juicy panties. I practice  Magick, and only put the finest ingredients in & on my body... which means my pussy tastes like honey. I am open to requests for length of time worn, activities enjoyed while wearing the panties that you desire.  Message me with requests.

Mango, because I'm so fucking sweet. Kinky little slut that gets wet knowing you want my juices. Let me give you what you want, and maybe a little bit more ♥

28 year old red-head, curvy where it counts. Buy the sexy panties right off my gorgeous supple ass. You'll love how sweet my pussy is. Daily workouts and masterbation! Open to kinks.

The Pleasure Box is here to please you time and time again. From different cuts to different fabrics, you’ll never be disappointed. Xoxo

My panties can show you just how horny and fertile I am. I am a squirter and I like to cum in my undies and wear them around.

I'm new to this but am eager to get started. I am open to requests. Young and fun. Look forward to hearing from everyone!

A little bit about myself. I am a tomboy. I like to be neat and get my hands dirty.  Currently, I work full-time and am also enrolled in an automotive repair class. I love being a girly-girl and a Gearhead. My hobbies are fishing, boating and anything mechanical.I love the ocean and try to get on it when I have a free moment. I have an 18' Boston Whaler which has an outboard motor that I have rebuilt myself 3 times, just because I can. LOL. I am a people-pleaser, That is my girly soft side. So if you have any special request please let me know and I will do my best to make your wishes come true.

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Welcome to the shop of a confident, sexy woman. Classy but oh so dirty, I will wear your chosen knickers for as long as you want, I’ll even climax or have sex in them if you want me too, make me an offer baby, willing to send you anything you desire, just message me,  items sent out in discreet packaging xx

welcome to the home of irish eyes, sexy irish blonde. please send you're request no request turned away. let me make you're wildest dreams come true.


ps love Irish eyes xxx

Hey there! 18, 5'4.. Don't be shy ;)

Hello, welcome to my first online store. I’m a 28 year old legal secretary for a high class company and I’m here to please. Don’t be shy, I’m open minded and will gladly take requests to fulfill your desires! No request is off the table such as masturbation, time, menstrual, workouts, and sex in my little numbers.  I love the shopping, working out, cooking, and Satisfying my clients, which in this case is you! I’m a 5 foot curvy brown eyed girl, who typically wears a medium and a 36DD. Please feel free to message me so I can fulfill all of your desires with fast and discrete delivery. Who knows, there might even be a little something extra in the package.I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 

I have the SCENT of a women you will desire. What scents turn you on? Daily wear, after sex, or my favorite masturbation. I’m here to give you the essence aroma of a women that you crave.

Just a young sexy girl sending you whatever you need. Turing you on turns me on. Many colours, it’s up to you...

Future pornstar with an XXX A$$ 🍑 probably playing with my perfect little pussy right now…Let me cream my panties for you. I promise to let my gf tease me until I’m soaking. Every pair of chonis comes with something special 😛

Hi there. My name is Krissy, a 25-year-old just trying to find her way in New York City. At first glance, most people just assume I'm your quiet, innocent, typical "girl next store," but in reality, I have a dark side that I sometimes find hard to tame. I often find myself fantasizing about dirty sexual encounters with every stranger that crosses my path—in the coffee shop, on the subway platform, even in the women's locker room—anything to disrupt the monotony of my "normal" day-to-day life: work, gym, masturbate, sleep, repeat. I live for the weekends when I can take off my glasses, let me hair down, stop be the girl everyone thinks I am and start being the woman I so desire to be—wild, free, and wet. Very wet. I want to fulfill my fantasies by fulfilling yours, whether you want to taste me, smell me, or something else that tickles your fantasy, I want you to be the stranger that cross my path. Your wish is my command, and special requests are my pleasure.

I am a Caribbean Babe with a nice round butt and slim/athletic build! I am super fetish friendly! Let’s get my worn panties into your hands! Message me for requests and final pricing.

A 19 year old virgin named Mary (cheesy right?), but my mind is anything but virgin and pure. My daily fantasies are on the kinkier side if you know what I mean 😉. My preferred style of panties is thong or those cheeky panties by VS. If you want to chat or trade just hit me up, I find it very hot to chat with strangers 😘. I am here to enjoy myself and get money for a new laptop, so remember, if you buy a pair from me, it’s like a charity with a side bonus of used panties! 😍 I accept amazon UK gift cards as payment, shipping worldwide

Hola! Thank you for taking the time to check us out! We are an English married couple, married 4 years and both have good professions and we are saving for our 1st real home together, this is where you, my friends come in! We are so excited to be sharing with you some of our most intimate secrets..and possesions! We have tons of our most worn out, over sexed underwear to sell. Everthing listed will be freshly used/juiced after the purchase has been made to keep things fresh ;) They will then be sent to you lovingly and discretly. - We can post worldwide. - Postage costs per order (multiple items can be posted together) UK £4 -WORLDWIDE £15 - Please let us know if you have any questions - Hugs xxx - K&B