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Submissive Slut Ware

I’m a submissive brat who likes to get beaten, bitten, and restrained while I get fucked. The more helpless you make me feel, the happier I am. I’ll wear panties doing whatever you’d like me to, for however long you prefer. You’re in charge. Always. ;) enjoy my panties and let your imagination picture me in whatever compromising position your heart desires; cause chances are, I’d get in it for you <3


Chunky but funky kinda gal

Blondies knickers

Hi there , I have lovely knickers that are just waiting to get into the hands of people who want them at an amazing price you will not be disappointed

Cleo’s Corner XO

Part time kinky seductress // full time dork. Let me make your day a little more special ;) 21 years old. White//Latina//Out of this world. Interested in bondage, BDSM. For special requests hit me up!


I’m 25, brunette, curly hair, curvy and clean waxed. I’m an active person, I run, walk and go to the gym. Underwear worn for a variety of days, some when running or at the gym, and some after sex or during masturbation. Will take requests ;) send me a message!

Sweetiepies Used Panties and other naughty items Store,lots of treats to suit every taste

Hi my name is Sweetiepie and welcome to my wonderful and surprising store of so many hidden treasures! I am brunette 5.6 green eyes and slim and i would love to give you just what you have come to buy! My store sells lots of wonderful used petite panties any colour uou desire, whatever you want in the panties you can order and i will produce and send x The used panties can be stained with sweat from the very hard workouts i do on a daily basis plus running, they can contain urine,skid marks,period stains, i can masturbate wearing them whatever your heart desires! I also sell panties worn up to 5 days you tell me and i will produce x I love playing with myself so those stains are always avaliable! Used stockings or tights with various stains or worn for upto 4 days,worn while in bed overnight,worn while having sex, tights that i wear with no knickers on for upto 24 hours, used socks that smell very strong also i sell pots of my own urine, used sanitary towels,so whatever takes your fancy in my candy shop just let me know and you will receive!

Bethany’s Secrets

Outgoing, British, bisexual, 24-year-old academic just looking for a cute way to earn some extra money for books 😘📚 Help a girl out? 😉 Buy from me and you will receive: your order; a hand written note with a lipstick kiss from me, a picture of me wearing the underwear for you that is not listed on the product advertisement so it's just for you 😘 Get in touch, let's see what I can do for you! Come and pop my panty selling cherry 🍒 who wants to be the first ever buyer of my panties? 😍😘 A girl always remembers her first time 😍😍😈💦💦💦💦💦

Promiscuous Housewife Nikki Thicc

Adventurous housewife with a shy body willing to step out of my comfort zone. I am 5'6 and wear a size large in most panties; don't let my blue eyes distract you from my curvy hips! I would be pleased to wear your favorite panties while doing my housewife duties!


Petite bisexual asian (5ft2”) who can fulfil your dirty fantasies. I’m flexible and would love to show you what I can do (video/photo)! All panties are 24hr wear. Extras include: - £10 - masturbation/orgasm - £15 - 1 min video + photos - £10 - worn after sex for another day - £5 - pee - £10 - pee video - £10 - after rockclimbing workout (extra £5 for rockclimbing socks) Open to other fetishes - drop me a DM and we can chat! (will not show face for private reasons, please do not ask!) Let me know if there is anything you want to see specifically and I would love to make that come true for you X

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