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Hi guys and girls. I am a 24 year old stripper in Salt Lake City with an obsession with sex. I have a boyfriend who do not know that I am a stripper or that I'm on this site but he sure knows what I'm capable of in bed. We have sex as much as we can wherever we can so I'm not short of any dirty material. I can not wait to fulfill your wet desires. I like to stay fit so I workout everyday and by myself if you know what I mean. I am open to your requested as long as you keep my secret. You will not regret it. Each product will come in a sealed bag with a special thank you note from me ;)

Winter Wonderland

I am a young girl who is open minded and ready to get my business started. Message me if you have any specific requests.

Broken Hearts and Pussy Farts

Busy Latina always on the go but never too busy to take Daddy.s request. . . Choose your favorite garment then let me know your naughty panty fetish. . . Message me for custom garments and requests not listed


32 Year old working mum of 1. Married and sexually active. Heavy periods so usually fresh stained undies available. Pants size 14 16 Bra size 44DD 44D also frequently wear crop tops. Open to custom requests.


Ti ho visto nella folla. Sembravi una persona normale ma non sono riuscita a distogliere lo sguardo da te. Ti penso sempre in ufficio a casa cinema e ristorante. Sono impregnata del tuo odore e devi avere il mio.

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