Naughty mom expanding her horizons. New to the panty game ready to learn and be taught. 5 3 38DD panty size: L. Turning you on is what gets me wet.

Why, hello there, I see you peeking, come on take a closer peek. I won’t tell if you don’t. 20  and oh so pure. Beauty so pure it’s untold

Sexy young MILF of 3 with a big round booty & a sweet wet pussy. Eager to please you 😉

Barely-legal California brunette! I maintain an organic diet so my juices are always ripe and sweet. Watching dirty videos and masterbating in my panties is something I do daily, if not multiple times a day. Knowing you’re financially taking care of me so I can fulfill your fantasies gives me an unbearable amount of soaking wet pleasure!! I take recommendations regarding activity and length of time worn, as well as bundles. Don’t be too shy to ask questions, I look forward to pleasuring you as soon as you’ll let me ;)

3 besties that love to play and drink wine. We love to dance and play in our panties. We’re looking for someone who would love our panties as much as we love wearing them. We like our panties how we like our wine, sweet, full-bodied, and fermented. With our variety, without a doubt one of us, if not all,  will be able to satisfy all your senses. We have a butterscotch blonde, a caramel brunette, and an ameretto auburn.

Ripe Midwest woman in my mid 20s. By day, I’m an ambitious, straight-laced advertising executive in St. Louis. By night, I’m a dirty, nympho that likes to let loose and get rough. I love dancing and sweating it out at yoga or in the club. I also have frequent rough, hot sex and let my boyfriend come inside of me (I wear my panties afterwards so they can soak it up). Message me for special requests.

Barely legal panties. Sweet and pure with a touch of naughty. Always wet. Message me for custom panties I am willing to work with you !

Welcome to Under My Skirt! I'm Madison, and I try my best to provide you with the sweetest, most natural scented, best smelling undies possible. Being able to sell you my used panties  brings me great erotic pleasure. I also take requests such as time worn and activities to be done in them!

Hi I'm Ann! 27 from the Tampa Bay area. I enjoy fetish & DDlg. My panty style is all things, cute and little. What you'll find in my shop: Colorful, lacey, frilly, goofy sayings, DDlg panties and bloomers. All purchases come with a personalized letter & at request a wearing with photo prior to shipping. $20 are for 24hour wear. $30 are for 48hour wear. Sneak peaks & Requests are $20 or more; depending on the request. My panty size is anywhere from Small to Medium. Pleasing you, please me! What do you say? Fulfill each others fantasies?

Scarlet Lips and Curvy Hips...Men tell me how good my pussy smells and tastes ... it just doesn’t seem fair that only a select few get to experience my sweet nectar. I’m here to fulfil your fantasy. Don’t see what you really desire?Talk to me and I’ll make it happen. About me... I’m a 46 year old artist, single, and I love to play.

New to the whole panty selling thing. I take requests. Feel free to message me if you have any questions :) I love pleasing people ;)

I'm sweet, come to me for a sexy treat. I take custom requests for my used panties.

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I get off on getting you off – What’s your fantasy? Thongs? Granny panties? Boy shorts? White cotton? Black lace? Worn all day? Worn all night? Worn during certain… activities? 😏 …don’t be shy, I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got in store for us. Whatever panties you order will be worn specifically with you in mind 💕  it’ll be our dirty little secret 😘 Want photo or video files of me doing what you want in the panties? Nominal fees apply and vary based on request. Inquire through private message 😉 Xox

a young hot couple who are up for some fun. we will take any requests you have, to make sure you get what you want. we can send both romeo and juilets panties or send single panties. we have an active sex life and love to try new things, we can send panties worn during sex. masturbation, long length of time etc. we like to dress up and quite often invlove toys in our love making. Don't be shy, send us a message, we don't bite ;)

24 year old curvy MILF with a booty that doesn’t disappoint. Growing my booty daily at the gym... meaning extra wet panties for you.

I’m just a shy, curvy little thick booty girl. 💗💗💗 If you like tight and feisty, you found the right page. Mm.

All Victoria/pink underwear

27. Shy mom trying something new. This is our little secret.

Seeking very special buyer for my juicy panties. I practice  Magick, and only put the finest ingredients in & on my body... which means my pussy tastes like honey. I am open to requests for length of time worn, activities enjoyed while wearing the panties that you desire.  Message me with requests.

Just starting ☺️🌸 Check me out

The Pleasure Box is here to please you time and time again. From different cuts to different fabrics, you’ll never be disappointed. Xoxo

I'm just your average 21 year old college girl. The shop is new, so obviously inventory will need to be built up over the next couple weeks, but feel free to browse at the small selection available at this time!

Hey there, just a stay at home mommy here looking to get rid of some dirty laundry.

 Hello my name is Susan. I am 36 years old and I work in an office.  I am a nice girl and I have a longing desire to be DIRTY.  I have so much pent up sexual frustration and I masterbate all of the time, my panties are always wet. DM me for me items tailored to your tastes. We can negotiate a price based on your wants and needs. I am very open to lots of physical items that I can mail you. I am clean and STD free. I am very fetish friendly. All my shipping is done with the utmost respect to hiding our little secret. All my panties are also vacuumed sealed so you get them as fresh as possible. For payment right now I take Venmo and Amazon gift cards.MESSAGE ME ON KIK