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hello loves, just a college student trying to make extra cash for bills. help me out by purchasing a panty or two.

Hey Babes

I'm Ophelia and I'm 22 year old  tattooed girl from Hollywood, California. I love making messes in cute undies and get off to people smelling my old, dirty undies. 

Hi! I'm a curvy 38DDD and thought this would be a fun way to earn some extra spending money. I also love the thought of you getting hard while enjoying my panties that I made just for you!

I've been told that since I went vegan a few years ago that I now smell and taste sweeter than ever!

I'm open to any kind of panties or outfits, so send me your request and I'll make sure you get the panties of your dreams :)

I keep myself natural, but closely trimmed - if you want me to wear your panties for more than 24 hours, let me know and we can arrange that for the right price.

Hi I'm JessicaLove ! I'm 5'4 , 125 lbs. I have long brown hair. I live in Louisiana and I love to travel. I like to walk the beach, swim, watch movies and eat lol. My panties are almost the same as gold. They're worth a lot so I thought why not see if anyone wants to cherish a pair.. I love requests !

Hi I'm 26. single mom. 5 years celibate. Clit pierced. Pussy hair changes colors every week. Open to all requests and don't mind including pics, videos, or other tidbits. All panties start at $35 for a day of wear and $5 per day after that. If you wanna know more or what pussy hair color I'm rocking this week feel free to message me ;)

I've got  what you're looking for. Message me if you have special request. Chocolate MILF in my early 30's. I am 5'10. I wear a size Medium/large in panties and 34ddd(E) bra. Looking to sell some undergarments. I live in the Southern region of the US wear it gets very hot in the Summer. Causing perspiring and secretions in all my naughty places.

You know that babe with the amazing ass in your office? The one always wearing a tight pencil skirt with a high slit up the back. That ass you want to bend over the copy machine. These are her panties... I'm 31, 5'3", 100 lbs. I work hard. I play hard. I have a bunch of sexy, cute, fun panties to share with you. Imagining you getting my wet panties in the mail & fulfilling your fantasy gets me off at night. Tell me your fantasy & I will take care of you.

You'll see what I have. Or tell me what you want.

Just a little collection of my things I enjoy wearing on all kinds of occasions - feel free to contact me for personal requests. I'm very receptive to all inquires - I'm incredibly open minded.

I'm 19 years old and looking to share my exquisite and unique (not to mention pungent) flavor with the world. You can request the duration of wear or what I dirty them with, as well as the style of panty. Let's talk! 

Hello :) My name is Desiree. I'm a 23 year old brunette with hazel eyes, big luscious lips, a voluptuous butt and 34D breasts. I have a mixed background so I have very tan, olive skin with a smooth complexion. I workout everyday and I get very VERY sweaty so I'm left with my dirty underwear all to myself :( but i'd much rather send them to any of you <3  I also have a cute pair of size 7 feet with perfectly manicured toenails for any of you interested in purchasing any of my socks :) I look forward to working with you all~Desiree

25, love to be outdoors and being active. Every night I can't help but to play with myself. xoxo - Lexie

Hello! I’m Falon. I am 23 years old and currently working as an exotic dancer. I am 5’3″ 120lb I have long naturally blonde hair and grey eyes. My figure is like an hourglass and I have a plump booty. I enjoy reading, watching movies, I love to stay up late especially with people that can make me laugh! The panties I will be providing for you will range from dancerwear to bedroomwear. Just tell me what you like and I’ll be sure to deliver. 😉 I hope to hear from you soon. 💋

Im a caucasion female from South Africa.... Brunette and yes    I have a nice bush..... Im here to please my customers so please send me your requests and I will gladly please you.... All panties have a starting rate of  $20 and that includes one day wear..... different request will up the price.... but I can asure you that every $ will be worth it

You want panties? Mama's got them for you! I am here to please any and all of your panty fantasies, just tell mama what you want! Most of what I own right now are boy shorts, but I'm willing to get something else if requested!

I am a 32 year old stay-at-home mom with a kinky side. I have blue eyes, brown hair, 5'5", 140lbs with an athletic build.

I enjoy working out, walking my dog, pleasing others and wild sex, of course. I'm always looking for new ways to spice up my sex life...will you help me?

PM me with any special requests, I would love to please you!

I'm Amara. Indian. A total nerd. I run two businesses. A no-nonsense CEO superstar. I'm single, promiscuous, and love MMF threesomes. I have been told by multiple partners that I'm the best they've ever tasted. I'm OCD about hygiene, and love making people happy. Hobbies: Binge watching shows like Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. Reading fiction. Getting massages. Playing with cats and dogs. Singing and dancing. Sex. And coffee. Black.

Hello! I am a 22 yr old Have Russian little babe. I’m petite with a thick booty 😌 I like to get to know my buyers and make them personal pairs. Fyi… I have a talent for squirting 🙈

Welcome! We’re a couple sharing this account, ready and willing to give you what you want. 😉


About Jaqueline:


Hey, I’m Jaq for short!


I’m a white, 23 year old, full time college student having some fun with my partner during my last semester.


I’m 5’8, thin & lean, with a little more of a tom boy or alternative dyke aesthetic. I dye my hair a lot- its currently grey-blue.

I’m an artist, video gamer, hiker, and pussy-lover.😉 I’m a size S.


About Rose:


Hello there, I’m Rose 🙂


I’m a Latina & Island girl 21 year old who recently graduated and is now out in the big bad world.


I’m 5’5, curvy and full-figured, with a big sweet ass that I love to shake. I also have more of a fetishy femme look than my partner. I have pierced nipples and big, intricate tattoos.


I’m a professional dancer, writer, reader, and chronic masturbator.I wear a size XL


We’re excited to talk to you soon!

Hello, my pet. I'm a middle school science teacher and have quite a menagerie in my classroom. Would you like to become one of the teacher's pets? 


A little about myself: I enjoy outdoorsy activities (hiking, swimming, horseback riding, and walking my dogs), Stephen King novels, comedies, broading my education, and pleasing others. I'm open minded and encourage people to seek out their true happiness. If I can be of assistance in being you more happiness in your life, feel free to let me know just how I can do that <3

Hey you! Tale as old as time really Just a typical cute blonde girl next door ex cheerleader raised in the Midwest, "crazed" and corrupted and inhanced in South Florida. currently residing and thriving on the West Coast. I'm a bottle service girl at a popular night club in the area by trade, but my passion lies in my introverting. I have the personality of Harley Quinn and the look of Nicole Aniston therefore I'm accustomed to my intellect being underestimated, but apperiences are often deceiving. On my nights off I read Fizaerald and Henry Miller and I listen to Nina Simone. My passion is writing cheesy romance novels and designing my own line of coochie cuter jeans shorts ( available for purchase soon too) I'm blonde, round big green eyes, very tan, 5ft6, size 4, full lips( with no enhancment), smile for dayzzz and most importantly big fake boobs. My looks might be for sale, but my body and mind has always only been reserved for whatever man I love. Luckily this is a perfect way for me to give to YOU a small part of me. I hope you have it forever, value it highly and think of me fondly.  This is your way to get in my pants... follow me on instagram!

Hey! I’m Elena, 27 year old student. Currently working on my Master. My vice is being naughty, but I have to keep it a secret 😊😊

I like doing what I am told….. so tell me what you want ❤️

I’m currently going to school for cosmetology. I’m always working hard, long hours at school & work to become my dream. A cosmetologist!

I’m from Houston, Texas. I love my city. I tend to be a bit of a party girl. I’m 5’5 & love to work out and go on nature walks so I’ve always been atheletic and in good shape for the most part.

I love being able to make people feel good & to be happy 😊