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I'm Rein! I'm up for just about anything I take requests. I do videos and nudes as well. I also love you have conversations!

Pure Bliss is waiting for you cum on in... I'm a voluptuous wife and mom who is the shy girl next door type on the outside and sexy kinky type on the inside. I'm very open minded and open to request/custom orders within reason. $15 - Worn for one day *additional $5 per day worn (1 week max unless otherwise discussed) All items are sealed in air tight ziploc bag for freshness. Lingerie & Used Toys also available (Prices vary message me to discuss) Can't wait to make your fantasies your reality. Payments accepted through Google Pay only 

Dearest Buyer, I'd love to be the one to fill all your secret panty fantasies. Custom panties are my specialty so don't hesitate to ask. I'm a 22 year old college student looking for a pervert to tell me what they think of my sweet smell. Don't make me wait...

24 year old entreprenuer. Half American, half French.   Brunette, green eyes, 5'8", 125 pounds. I enjoy working out, getting sweaty, and dirty ;) I am here to serve you. I take all requests and would LOVE to make your wildest fetishes come to life. Message me for any special add ons. All packages are vacuum sealed and discreetly packaged. Easy PayPal option. Let me know if you have any special requests ;)    

50 shades was cute, but it's a terrible representation of kink. You're the Master and I'm your sub. Any crazy fantasies or fetishes? Let's discuss them! Don't worry, I won't judge or tell. It's my job to take care of your desires.

Welcome baby ;) Im poppy and I love pleasing a man who knows what he wants. If you like naughty Uni girls you've come to the right place. Let me help you feel good, so pick your desired pair of my naughty panties and I assure you you'll be more than satisfied, especially since I'm a squirter ;). I give discounts for bulk orders I love requests, I aim to please My Tumblr is bbyy--girl

Looking for a vacation? Lay back and let Bombshell Babe rock your world bringing you exotic scents and feelings that will help you slip into a world of fantasy so sensual, you won't want to leave.   ***Custom Photos Available***

I’m a young woman with a lot of love, a little bit of a wild side and some big dreams. I’ve done lesbian porn 🙈😽, now I dance 💃 😏 & I will be Physician Assistant 👩‍⚕️. I love to please and I hope to brighten your day 😘.  If you don’t already know this about me, I am an exhibitionist and a very sexual woman.  I love thinking about others getting turned on by me and getting off to my videos, pictures and panties.  I take requests!  Let me fulfill your fantasy.  All panties will be worn the night before shipment.  Nude pictures and videos available with panties if you spoil!  Shipping included.  All panties are sent discretely in ziplock bags to keep them fresh for you.  Will include 1 custom picture that is not seen by anyone else and a letter just for you.

Email [email protected] for special requests.  Want me to masturbate for you?  Work out in them?  Hook up with my hubby in them?  Make a video in them?  Custom photos?  Let me know how I can please you!  I am open to kinky requests. If you are a fan and cannot find something that works for you let me know and we can arrange something.  XOXO


Also open to other requests such as selling worn socks, heels, bras, leggings, Polaroid photos, signed printed photos, etc!  Photos available for signed prints are on

                                          q$$$$$$$P;   ,  /$$$$P
                                        .$$$P^::Y$/`  _  .:.$$$/
                                       .P.:..     `._.-:.. $P
                                       $':.  __.. :   :..    :'
                                      /:_..::.   `. .:.    .'|
                                    _::..          T:..   /  :
                                 .::..             J:..  :  :
                              .::..          7:..   F:.. :  ;
                          _.::..             |:..   J:.. `./
                     _..:::..               /J:..    F:.  : 
                   .::::..                .T  :..   J:.  /
                  /:::...               .' `.  :..   F_o'
                 .:::...              .'       :..  J ;
                 ::::...           .-'`.    _.`._:..  '
                 ':::...         .'  `._7.-'_.-  `:.   
                  :::...   _..-'__.._/_.--' ,:.   b:.   ._ 
                   `::::..-"_.'-"_..--"      :..   /):.   `.   
                     `-:/"-7.--""            _::.-'P::..    } 
          _....------""""""            _..--".-'   ::..     `. 
         (::..              _...----"""  _.-'       `---:..    `-.
          ::..      _.-""""   `""""---""                `::...___)

32C-25-39.  5’3″ Small and petite. Slim thick. Size 5 feet.

Have done lesbian porn with popular female porn stars such as Christy Mack, Luna Star, and Malena Morgan.  Have done scenes for Bang Bros, Reality Kings, Mofos and more!

Want to spoil me?  My amazon wishlist… you spoil I spoil back!

I'm a thick bootylicious BBW! My ass is so huge - 56 inches around! It's round in all ways, and deep and wide!  I wear 3X panties that you are going to enjoy so much it may become a new addiction. Things about me besides my ass: I love making erotic art, travel, romance, fine food & drink, adventure! Also lingerie and panties! I love silky and lacy panties but also enjoy a good black thong!

22 year old Swedish virgin.   I take care of the panties after your request so that you'll always get it as fresh as possible. If I get enough orders I'll make sure to get a vacuum sealer for an even better experience.

I'm a size medium sultry brunette that enjoys masturbating and rough play. Let me know what you want to see in my shop and I will do my best ;)

Benvenuti, sono una dolce e carnosa ragazza italiana di 22 anni. Potete farmi qualsiasi richiesta e cercherò di esaudire i vostri desideri. Hi, i'm 22 sweet and chubby italian girl. U can do any type of request and i'll try to satisfy your dreams.

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From simple to elegant and "in between"... Trying to add a little extra income to my life.. More than happy to pleasure you with a pair of my vacuum sealed panties.. Anything special feel free to ask..   A little bit about me... I am one of those girls who can pull off any style.. I love punk and country especially.. Preppy and classy are some faves as well.. I love tattoos and have several if you cant tell from pictures.. I like to read, cook, and love all movies! If you would like to know more then feel free to ask...

Young 23 yr old college student living a busy life running around working hard. Have my whole day at your fingertips instantly. All items personally worn by me and custom orders available (;

I'm Devin, I'm a 5'9 model in NYC and I'm young & kinky. I love my juicy pussy and can't wait to share my undies with you. :) It turns me on to know you're going to be taking good care of them when they arrive. I'm happy to meet your specifications and requests. All undies are vacuum sealed and discretely shipped. I love to fuck and I can be a little dirty. I'm vegan and bisexual, so I am sweeter and naughtier than what you might be used to. If you want panties that I've pulled to the side to be fucked in, or panties that I've worn after being cream-pied, I am more than happy to oblige. If you want panties that I've masturbated in while thinking of you, we can do that, too. :) Listed price includes 24 hours of wear and 2 personalized photos. +$5/extra day (up to 5) +$10/extra play +$5 for a polaroid photo +$5 for personalized note telling you exactly what I did or fantasized about in them (depending on what you ask for, of course) +$10 for video

Hello Hot stuff. Let me make your fetish come true🖤🖤

ABOUT ME: 22. I’m 5’4.5 size DD with tiny waist, thick thighs. Wear size 7 1/2 shoe for you feet lovers. I love anything outdoors, concerts, cars, and trying new things! Nursing student.

Message me and let’s become friends 🖤

Manic pixie dream switch, nicotine queen, president of the popular sluts club, and all around good time.

I am a beautiful fetish model & lesbian porn actress. I’m super kinky and would love to make my panties to your order. Otherwise enjoy some of the delightfully mouth watering pieces below. My naturally wet pussy provides the absolute best experience for my buyers.

I'm a Scottish Pornstar XXX Selling my Worn items for your Pleasure :) Items include worn Knickers Underwear sets Toys Shoes And signed merchandise

The devil is in the details. In the cumming and the going. In the devilish goodbyes. The panties for sale in this shop are accompanied by a scintillating tale of passion and intrigue — sex with strangers and a kiss that leaves them wanting more. Some worn for more than 24 hours, most worn while I touch myself and explore my fantasies. Cum spots noticeable. Requests expected and encouraged.

I live to please. 💕 I welcome and encourage special orders! Knowing how badly you want my panties just makes me even more juicy 😍💦 Just tell me what you like and it’s all yours.

I am a bisexual 22 year old girl who loves being naughty! I have sex almost every day and masterbated at least twice a day!!! I don’t always squirt but I try to at least once in every pair of panties!!! I love vibrators and huge dildos!


Custom panties are $25 for 1 day and $5 for every extra day


Peeing is an extra $5

Stuffed is an extra $5

Sex is an extra $5 (bit will gave sex every day in it if you pay for sex)

Squirting is an extra $5


I also sell other fetish products just message me 😘I love getting my wet juices all over my panties and pleasing men and women with my amazing scent! If you buy from me you won’t be disappointed!!!


Email: [email protected]

Intagram: sarahs.used.panties123

Twitter: sexyused

And my Snapchat code is for sale I do lots of naughty things on my Snapchat 😘😘😘

Welcome to Flirtfully me, where you can buy my delightful fragrance for your pleasure. I am a bisexual girl ready to get my underwear juicy for you. 😉  I love using my magic wand, I get the most intense orgasm and get so wet I have to put a towel under me!

Regular price: $20.00 for 24hrs wear.

**Extra 24hrs wear: $10.00
**Masturbation with magic wand (extra wetness on underwear): $10.00
**Stuffing: $5.00

With every purchase, I will send you a lip stamp for free as a thank you! 💋

*Intetact E-transfer only to my email [email protected]

*Your choice of delivery at your expense. I will be very discreet with the packaging and ensure the underwear is well sealed for freshness.

If you have a special request, send me a message and we’ll discuss. Talk to you soon 💋

I'm excited to offer you a variety of Kinks! Please realize I have started with a bunch of new panties and some fairly new. While some may not have been worn or used the way that gets you off yet, you have simply to ask and I will give you a price and fulfill your special requests! I am 5'3", 112 lbs. The panties and lingerie you see on my site are on my body, so you decide if you like what you see! You should know that I go through life Wet and turned on....always....and the panties will show the results ;-). The basic is panties that I have worn with my sexy scent for you to enjoy :-). Then of course I can offer panties that I have Climaxed in, thinking of doing dirty things and rubbing myself to climax. I also will fulfill personal requests for an agreed upon price. Want me to wear them for a specific amount of time? Or maybe let my boyfriend have me while still wearing panties that I then send to you? You name it, and I'm sure we can cum to an agreement on what it's worth !! If there is anything you are interested in besides the basics don't be afraid to Kinky little ass will probably be up for it! XOXOXO