Twenty | Student | KinkyrnrnJust another student trying to earn some money to afford to live.rnrnI'm massively kinky and into a lot of fetishes. If you want anything in particular about your requested undies, there's a chance they can be fulfilled.. for the right price.rnrnAny bodily fluids you want in them, you can have. There are very very few limits. I won't tell if you won't!

Hi my name is Kitty. I'm a 38D, curvy, blonde, latina milf with a juicy ass that my husband loves to show off. I love staying hot & horny. Now I want to let you in on our fun and make me a dirty little MILF for my hubby by letting you in my panties.

Hello, my name is Scarlett. I am a mixed race, big bootied-5'2 18y/o with long blonde hair. At the moment I'm currently a student at university just trying to make a bit of money on the side for breast enlargement surgery, but between my part time job and my studies can't seem to make ends meet. So this is why I have decided to share all my scents with those of you eager to own my wet and creamy panties! I figure why just please myself when I can also please others! Not looking for any kind of relationship I simply just wanna provide a service, to those of you who want it!  Send me your personal request and I will see what I can do! All panties are open to requests and will be worn just prior to sending so they remain nice and creamy! ;) Yours, Scarlett

I am a 21 year old college girl! I have many quirks and perks, just ask me! If all you want are my panties, then I can give them to you. You may request anything you like! I'll tell you the price when you tell me what you like :) I'll let you in on a secret. When I cum, I squirt... a lot... on demand. And I can squirt in your panties if you want me to. Send me a message and we can play!

19 year old bisexual student with a size 6 top half and a size 12 bottom half. Love to pleasure myself and can’t wait to do this wearing the panties you choose so I can send them your way to sniff, taste and rub all over your body.  I would love to personalise your name written on my ass in a photo wearing the panties you choose or write a personalised message on paper and hold it in a photo under $pecial arrangement with you ;)  send me a private message to get chatting. Can not wait to hear how deliciously tasty you find my soaked panties. Also happy to send more photos via KIK: jalyons1991 so you know I am legitimate before purchase.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with something naughty from Candy's Sweet Treat Shop. Busy, professional 32 year old single mom. Whether running errands, being a literal soccer mom, or taking care of my own urges, my high sex drive leaves a wet and sweet scent on everything between my thighs. I am open to any and all requests, I just want to please you.

Hello and welcome to my shop. I am a 26 year old naughty girl, who gets turned on and wet hourly..Drop me a message with a request for panties, type and how long you want me to wear them for and what you want me to do in them and I’ll meet your needs 😉 Look forward to hearing from you… I’m dripping already. 😍(PayPal payments only)

Big things come in small packages…I’m a 4’9″ Latina with an imagination just as wild as yours! My very small frame holds my huge 34DD’s just right. I have long dark hair and eyes that make will make you hungry.  Mom life is fast-paced and workouts get very hot. I am able to personalize panties with what ever text your heart desires. I accept requests and always without any judgments. Let me fufill your wildest fantasies👙

Hi there I’m a 24year old sexy babe with long red hair and green eyes.  I am 5’4″ and 125 lbs with a bra size 34DD. I’m a naughty receptionist and I’d love to get you just about anything you desire.


  I wanna turn you on and I’ll sell you my warm soaking panties. I can get you whatever kind of panties you need, and I’ll do anything you tell me to do in them.. so don’t be shy ;) 


Some examples of request include:


Ass rub, pussy rub, post oral, masturbated in, tinkled in, pussy stuffed, ass stuffed, and much more.


 Message me and I will do anything just the way you want me too. Your the boss. I can guarantee discrete packaging, I Love to be kissed all over. Let all the love between my legs soak up these well worn panties. Would these fit you? I'm curious to know...

Hey there, I'm Kami, a tattooed young mom with an ass that's been referred to as "small but shapely."  I'm working hard to build a future- and my warm, wet panties are the most FUN way to make some money on the side.  I live to please, and love fulfilling personal requests :)   if an item is in my shop for more than 24 hours, that means it will be washed and is eligible for purchase with YOUR wear specifications.  all prices include shipping to the continental us and 2+ pictures .rnrntry anything once, twice if you like it.

Hey ya'll, I'm Nat.  I'm a 21 year old girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes.  I am 5'4" and 125 lbs with a bra size 34D.  I'm in grad school trying to pay tuition, so I'd love to get you just about anything you desire :)  I love to workout and play, so I can get you whatever kind of panties you need ;)  I'll sell you my warm, wet, post-work panties or I can get you a customized pair with anything you want me to do in them.  I'm up for just about anything you'd like, so don't be shy with your requests :)  Message me and I will take care of ya just the way you need.  I can guarantee discrete packaging, because I would love to be your dirty, blonde secret!  XO

I am an athletic outgoing girl with a lot of fantasies, one of which is satisfied by knowing that someone is enjoying the panties that I play with. They call me Bunny, for a good reason, I like to fuck, a lot. When I can’t, I just play with myself, as a result of this my panties get really wet and I always used to wash them, but I thought, why put them to waste, I can get a little more fun out of them. If you want me to play with a specific style or brand, let me know and I will fill your request

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Come raid Pandora’s box of panties. I have everything you want, from thongs to lingerie. I’m a clean girl, but can be as dirty as you want me to be. I’m happy to work with your fantasies to customize any order for you. I will add new product with photos each time an item sells. ;-)

I fucking love panties. I love having panties brushed up against my clit, and the way my creamy pussy smells on them. Share in the delight and check out my store!

23, Midwest college student  I take requests and also do bundle deals 😘 pm me for info and extended pictures

Hi! I’m sweet, curvy and classy Im a 36 year old ex porn star im now an adult store owner. I’m 5 foot tall and a plus size 18, i have big 36GG boobs.  Thick ass and thighs and tiny feet. I spend most days rushing around working up quite a sweat!, I live in Manchester in the UK, so shopping is  one of my favourite hobbies, i love lingerie shopping more than anything. rnrnI’m very open minded to suggestions and requests.  I specialise in underwear fetishes, foot fetishes, tattoo fetishes, bbw, food fetishes, the list is endless just ask i dont bite!!!!rnrn rnrn

I have a wide variety of panties! I would love to fill all of your fantasies! Please feel free to shoot me a message to get all your panties personalized!

Welcome to my shop... now that you’re here you’re apart of my naughty secret. Can you keep it? I'm a 22 year old university student who likes to play with herself to relieve stress and keep the juices flowing ;) I also work out and have sex frequeny. I take requests and do photos. Message me, lets talk. Tell me your fanatasies and let me make them come true

Why the name? - I don't need to do this; I want to do this.  I'm not a starving student, no overly expensive habits or familial sob story.  Just a workaholic in a sexless marriage with a kink, who is tired of being made to feel bad about it.  Know the feeling?  Looking for a a way to get used, dirty, worn, wet panties and underwear in an exploitation-free setting where discretion's assured?  I'm your woman. I have the luxury of keeping a low number of clientele with whom I have a personal relationship.  Personalized requests encouraged - I just want to make us both happy, message me.  Frequent buyers can expect personalized surprises after a few purchases...if I get to know you better, you can get to know me better.  Interested? Just message me.  Best case scenario is we work well together...worst case scenario is that you stop wondering 'what if'?

Redheaded, married, 31, curvy, 5’6″. Feel free to check out my tumblr and ask questions! I’m flexible and willing to meet your needs. Panty selling newbie 💋

Hello, My name is Lacy and of course I love lacy things but I also Love to please. What do you desire? I get off on the idea of you getting off to my panties. I am adventurous an fun and my pheromones will take you to heaven. Im constantly horny so my panties are always dripping wet and covered in hot cum. I please myself on a daily basis so let me please you now by fulfilling your fantasies. Your wish is my command and special request are desired!

Hello, hun. Welcome to my collection. Wonder why I call it the Lotus? Well, do you remember the tale of the Lotus Eaters? Try me once and you will be addicted. I want to make sure you are completely satisfied. So, tell me what you like. I get off on making fantasies come true.       I'm 23 and love getting off on a nightly bases. Sometimes more than once! The single life is fun; mostly because I can walk around naked all day and no one judges. I am more of an athletic build but I have a hard time turning down a good piece of pie.      I enjoy pleasing others, particularly those that I can please time after time. Your wish is my command. Let me be your sense of pleasure. I am completely open minded and will consider all requests.       Let's chat. I'm waiting for you.

Hey there! I'm a BBW MILF that has a major kinky side. I get wet easily, and am always horny. I think my favorite part of selling panties, is when I get pics of men, with my panties wrapped around their hard cocks. So if you buy a panty from me, feel free to send those dick pics with my panties. I'm also a lactating MILF and have nursing pads that sit against me soaking up all of my sweet, sticky milk. This isn't my only shop, so get the items while they are still available! I hope you enjoy this experience just as much as I do. I am a 42 G in breast size and a XL in panties. I have a size 5 (American) footsize. I have thongs, boy shorts, bikini, and low and high waisted brief panties, cheeckies, and many more. I hope to be doing business with you soon! Everything is shipped vacuum sealed in a discreet bubble envelope for freshness, with priority mail with free shipping within the United States. 
Add Ons to any Panty Order (panty order comes with 2 proof pics. Extra Day (Five days total) $5, Extra Days after 5 days will be $10 per day, Stuffing (includes video) is $10, 10 photos is $8, Cream pie is $5rnMasterbated in $5, Peed in panties are $10, No Wipe (one day only) is $10, Light Skid is $10, moderate Skid is  $15  2 Puss/Piss Pops are  $7rnNursing pads are $7
Any panty can be customized to your taste as I wear as ordered!  xxx