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Hey Gents! Welcome to my Shop, browse around and feel free to ask any requests or questions you may have! I’m Harley, 23 and have 2 kids I’m 100% supporting. I love to play and do other things then just sell my panties, that’s on you 2 ask. I’d love to keep you pleasured by my Wetness 💋

The nerdier, the dirtier... I'm Fae, I'm what you might consider a bit of a nerd as you've probably guessed. I love playing video games, reading comics, watching anime...maybe even caught watching some dirty hentai too. I work in an adult store, which can be absolute torture for a horny girl, ya know? Since I'm dating someone now, I don't get to do all the fun things I used to, and I've been wanting to be a little naughty again. My boyfriend doesn't know I'm a bad girl and made this store, he thinks I'm still beating my video game. Oops! you wanna play with me?

hey everybody is crazy doctor.I have a big nasty pussy that both can accommodate many panties .I'm all fisting anal and like to put many things up in both holesI can smoke with it and pee on them I'm also for the slightly more naughty part pretty poo.what are your dreams let's see what we Find out, naughty thoughts from here

Hey there. My name is Andi and I'm a southwestern girl. I subscribe to the phrase "lady in the street but a freak in the sheets." I am well mannered but have a surprisingly dirty mouth... once you get to know me. Brains and beauty here! I'm a science graduate student that is passionate about learning about the human body. Two of my favorite classes are human anatomy and human sexuality. When I'm not studying, I'm usually at the gym or enjoying the outdoors. My muscular legs are one of my best features (I know how to put the work in). While I do enjoy getting dressed up, I'm a hard working woman that can get dirty to get the job done. I'm not as sweet as I seem at first... I can get a little spicy...   Height: 5'2" Weight: 111 lbs Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Blue Chest: 32C

18 yr old College Student long wear, high use panties. I take requests for style, soil level, time worn, activities and more! DM for pictures in items!

A horny housewife with a panty fetish :) I love playing with them and sending them out to you! Special requests are no problem. You can customize any pair I have posted and ask for the ones you don't see here. Prices start at $20, but will vary depending on each request! I also have photo sets, videos and more! Just ask!

Just a college girl trying to get by. Im pretty new to the world of selling panties and am very happy to take requests or advice from all my wonderful customers <3 Nice panties of all styles for you to pick from that fit these curvy hips. All pairs will be sealed and worn (as requested) after purchase to ensure you get your monies worth!

My name is Sophie, I’m currently a college student about to graduate and I’m a little short on cash.  I’m 22 years old and a pre-med student, and part time ballet dancer. I love to work out, which ends up being in your favor as I do work up quite the sweat ;)

 My pussy is sweet, creamy, and always soaking wet.  I promise you won’t be disappointed. I love the thought of you touching yourself to my panties.

I have every kind of underwear and every color. If there's something specific you'd like send me a message and we can work something out ;)

I guess Santa will just have to mark me as naughty this year ;)

Stats: 5’2 130 pounds 32DDD and have curves in all the right places. My feet are a size 7 in women.

Just a spunky Latina redhead - filled with desire and lust - how can i pleasure you, Daddy?

Barely 5' tall Jewish princess. I love soft undies to touch myself in :)

KittyCumXXX is an all exclusive mother daughter shop. We want you to have the best experience and give you what your heart desires. We want to make your dreams come true and fetishes come alive. So com'on and shop and make this kitty cum.

Hi there, I’m a 21 year old college student, black hair and a big ass 😉 My panties will be worn to class, at work in the hospital, and during my sweaty workouts. My scent is unforgettable, let me take care of you 😘

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My name's Ginger Brandi, and I want you to come sip on this Brandi ;) I'm 19 years old and a waitress/college student looking to make some extra tips. Who doesn't want to have a fun time with their waitress? I love to please you, so let me know if you have any special requests. I wear all my panties for 24 hrs and get wet easily throughout the day ;) I also write a handwritten note describing, in detail, what I did in your panties that day :) $15 starting price +$10 extra day +$10 workout Tell me if there's anything else you want, I love being told what to do ;)

I offer many different types of sexy underwear! From cotton to lace to anything you request! My standard wear is 2 days for $25 per pair. Pee poo or cum is no extra charge. Shipping is also free l, standard. If you require a tracking number it is an additional $10. Message me with any request and let me make your desires 'cum' true ;)

I'm a young Dutch girl living in London and I'd love to please you..  Welcome to my shop, go take a look at my dirty undies if you can handle it... Email me for personal requests  ˚✧₊⁎( ˘ω˘ )⁎⁺˳✧༚

I’m a lonely housewife I cater to your desire, just about anything is game so just submit your order and I’ll happily oblige! Simply pick your panty and pick your options. Cumming soon postpartum period if interested

  • One-day wear: $30
  • Two-day wear: $35
  • Three-day wear: $40 and so on, I can go for as long as you wish!
  • Cummed-in wet panties: an extra $10 surcharge
  • Pee or raunchy butt smells or period: an extra $25 surcharge.                                                           I look forward to our panty experience!

Double Trouble here with me and my girlfriend wanting to fulfil your fantasies in our free time. The knickers that you will be purchasing from me will have been worn by the both of us. If that isn't kinky enough for you, then tell me what is x x x

Panties for sale

$50 for 3 days

$150 for the week

$300 for 2 weeks

Married, pregnant Japanese hotwife, looking to sell my wet panties and bras that are too tight for my F-cup tits.  Please don't mind the milk stains from my leaky boobs :)

Hey boys and girls, I'm a skinny, bi-sexual, unshaven, busy working girl here looking to explore my sexual horizons and I hope you can help me with that. ALL Requests will be considered, I just want to please. Message me, tell me what I can do for you. or Email me, if you really want to get into it Vaga_Bond_XX[at]

Hello , my name is Lolita. I am a horny and dirty little girl who gets off on the thought of you pleasuring yourself with the scent of my body. Yet everyone thinks im this sweet little angel who would never get down and dirty. Thats now our little secret! It makes me so wet to think of the moment when you are about to explode with all these dirty thoughts. I can imagine you cumming all over my panties and feeling finally released and unstressed. Im a sweet little girl who loves being dominated, but can also dominate you... My boyfriend doesn't know i get off on pleasing other men and woman with my body scent and juices. He loves cumming inside my tight little pussy and ass hole and watching me push it all out dripping on my panties... Imagine a pretty little girl like me whispering in your ear telling you dirty things. Imagine a pretty little girl like me touching her self in the middle of the night and squirting all over my panties and the bed sheets.. Imagine me walking through the grocery store getting off on older man just looking at me wanting to have a taste of my tiny, tight and juicy pussy. I would love to satisfy all your dirty desires in my panties.. i love stuffing my little pussy so if you are interested, send me a lovely email and ill get back to you asap! Panties are put in a Ziploc baggie and discreetly shipped to you with lots of love. You also get a sweet hand written note from me with a kiss from my lips. Prices vary from  40 -100 dollars. depending on your desired wish. I also have other items such as socks, used tampons or pads, bras etc... you tell me what you want and its yours! Cant wait to touch myself and cum for you!

I'm Lizzie, I'm a petite redhead coed. I offer several pairs of cute Victoria's Secret brand undies in various colors and styles. Each pair will be worn while I play with myself. I get off to the idea of fulfilling your desires, the panties will be fragrant with the smell of my tight, wet pussy. You'll receive your package securely and promptly with a handwritten note to show my appreciation.

A Georgia born and raised cutie looking to please you. 😉 I am young, fun, and in college. I love playing volleyball and a huge adrenaline junkie. I would love to take personal requests! Email me @ [email protected] for specific requests please. XOXO 💗

I'm a 27 year wife with a secret.. I love getting my panties nice and filthy and sending them off for you to enjoy. I spend all day cumming anyway, why not let me cum for you? Breathe me in, I've been told it's heavenly. Don't be shy. ;) I love knowing my panties are on your face and dick bringing you complete pleasure. I love custom orders, let me make you happy. It turns me on to turn you on.     5'11, curvy, pierced and wet little pussy. love love love: *getting fucked (who doesn't?) *stuffing my panties in my wet pussy *playing with my clit *being licked and sucked until I can't take it anymore *turning on strange men ;)   Muah!    Also have kik