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A very unique and peculiar smell that leaves you wanting more. Will do customs.

Pure Bliss is waiting for you cum on in... I'm a voluptuous wife and mom who is the shy girl next door type on the outside and sexy kinky type on the inside. I'm very open minded and open to request/custom orders within reason. $15 - Worn for one day *additional $5 per day worn (1 week max unless otherwise discussed) All items are sealed in air tight ziploc bag for freshness. Lingerie & Used Toys also available (Prices vary message me to discuss) Can't wait to make your fantasies your reality. Payments accepted through Google Pay only 

I'm a 19 year old girl who likes to have fun ;) I'm trying to make some extra cash to go travel. me and my panties are here for you, to fulfill any fantasies you might have. Each pair of undies comes with a free photo just for you :) I Sell Panties, Bras, Socks, Photos, And Some Private Kik Chat Sessions. I Ask In Advance That Clients Respect My Boundaries And Time. “No” Means “No”, And Please Only Message With Serious Inquiries.

Hey hot stuff, Im a curvy, Italian 18 year old student who loves to explore not only myself, but erotic passions.I love to party and feel good, and i feel great knowing someone like you is enjoying my sweet smell. Dont be afraid, come and explore the naughty side. I'm a size medium but my wet panties will drive you crazy, guaranteed ;) My bra size is 34C but i prefer no bra at all. I love to run or have a long sweaty workout session while thinking about you enjoying the panties I'm in. I wear all my panties for a minimum of 24 hours, no matter what happens and all panties are sealed with a note and a kiss. I absolutely love special requests and am open to anything you desire. Get a straw cause this pussy is juicy ;) yours truly, naughty nicolette

Just a young women looking to give your senses a mystical experience. Purchase from me and I guarantee your journey through my heavenly sanctuary will be Hotter than Hell. There are no commandments here but there is one rule you must follow: be bad and have fun. 

Not only my panties, but my personal selection of favourite colours and fabrics. Ask me when you'd like me to wear them, either in my wet dreams, doing chores at home or my sweaty workouts I dont mind showing you ;) xx staying dirty

Cute and sassy girl next door type whose naughty and nice.  Sexy size 14. 36gg bra.  I’m shy, but I can’t wait to please you   Don’t be afraid to ask for anything (everything).

Welcome, first off let me start by telling you about myself. (18 years old) I'm a very adventurous women, so I'd love to take on the more challenging requests for all of my panty buyers. :) I'm a submissive women and I love the idea of someone getting off on my scent. I'd love to get to know you and form a relationship with my customers if possible. Follow my Tumblr account for information regarding my selling of pictures and videos! I'd be more than happy to provide videos of myself doing things in the panties and preforming tasks. :)

My name is Jayne and I do that. Whatever your fantasy may be, let me take care of it.

Welcome to my store. I am a tattooed, blue-haired, free spirit that lives in a van full-time traveling the country. I look forward to meeting your fantasies. I'll be posting some specific items, but don't be shy, feel empowered to make special requests, or just say hi and see if my shop is something that fits your desires. I'm new here, but not new to a "different type" of lifestyle. Let's have some fun!

Hi there darlings! I am a young and fun 25 year old who is happy and eager to fulfill your desires. I am offering many different options from my intimates drawer such as panties, bras, socks, and lingerie. I am more than willing to take special requests for color, texture, type, and more. If I am not listing something you’re interested in please feel free to contact me and I’ll make your dreams come true! My prices include the item as listed but special requests may cost extra. There is not much I will say no to but of I do please respect it. if you want extra pictures feel free to request them and I will gladly give you what you desire, though it may cost a little extra. I will not ship any items before payment. Happy shopping gentlemen!

Hello fellas😘 My name is Fauna and I am very eager to share my frilly little things with you! I am a 23 year old woman living in the beautiful Windy City! I am fun, flirty, and always ready for a competition. I love to work out and go on runs with my dogs in Millenium Park. I also work a full-time job where I am on my feet and scurrying around all day. On top of all of that, I love to be a part of the theatre scene, so I am always on stage in the limelight. One of my favorite places to receive attention! But most of all, I love to explore my sexuality and have lots of fun in the bedroom! All of these activities combined make for a very unique and exquisite scent for your sniffing pleasure and I am happy to share my aroma with you, my new friend. I am willing to take special requests for a small upcharge. I am a people pleaser and nonjudgmental, so lay it on me, baby!

Each of my products is vacuum-sealed for guaranteed freshness, and comes with a hand-written note and a good luck kiss for my new friend.

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Hi! Welcome to my shop! I'm an open minded, sexy, fun, and flirty young lady. I’m glad I caught your eye. I am 28 year old, 5' 3", 98lbs. I am a tiny, curvy asain from Thailand and just moved to America to live with my girlfriend. I have a very juicy pussy and I can’t wait to share my scent with you! Just thinking about you sniffing my panties turns me on and makes my pussy wet!! I enjoy sex with my girlfriend and masturbating. I also like yoga and jogging.

I can offer different types and colors of panties, stockings, socks, bras. I have simple cotton lingerie, lace, thongs, boyshorts. 

Normally I wear them for a day, so you can get a well-used, scented piece. I take special requests too!

Hey its Chanel here, as 33 year old single mother.

I get so much pleaser in knowing that you are enjoying me (my panties) This is one more thing to add to my dirty little secrets. I'm a pleaser, so I'm open to hearing you kinky fantasy. Let's make dirty little secrets together!!

My product(s) will be shipped discreetly in a ziplock bag to ensure the excitement of all your senses, to the provided address. A custom photo of me wearing the item(s) will be included with every order. 



I am a business mature woman, so I travel a lot. I have so many shoes, boots, lingerie,(panties, bra., knickers, stockings, etch).....Inmy free time, I love to manufacture BDSM toys (wood paddles, leather collars for slaves, and many other which will be posted soon)....I have no space for them. I have no time to laundry all the time, so sometimes they are trashed. So, if you like something......take it! I will be happy to assist in any wish you may have! Photos....etch...

Hi Sexxxy, I am a teacher during the day but don't let that fool you...I'm looking to expand my sexual horizons, like you, I'm do you think I Look? Smell?...Taste...I can tell you it's nothing short of delicious. Please feel free to find out for yourself...xoxo

* Standard $25 for 24 hour wear (comes with handwritten note, signed and sealed with a kiss, and one digital picture not shown on site)

* Customize your order Scent! I can spray with my favorite perfume in addition to or instead of my natural scent, just let me know.

* $5 for each extra digital picture

* $5 for printed out extra picture for Cum Tribute (That’s right you bad boy, it’ll be like you’re cumming all over me while you play with my panties)

* $5 per extra 24 hour wear (with shower)

* $7 per extra 24 hour wear (without shower) – 3 day max

* $20 No Wipe Pee

* $10 wear during 1/hour of intense exercise

* $5 cum panties, each orgasm is $3

* Ask me about bralettes and socks- $15 for 24 hour wear and cost of bralette, $10 for 24 hour wear and cost of socks (patterned or basic)

I'm a kinky college girl, 22, that wants to fulfill your fantasies and I'm just getting started. I love working out 5 days a week specifically cardio and doing squats to keep my booty fit. I have a wild side that loves sex and partying.  My panties are always wet and creamy after a long day of classes. I want to give you whatever you want. You ask, I can deliver. Any style or activity I can provide!  Every pair comes with a photo of me in them as well as a quick note about my day in the panty. Visit my Instagram @tallanastygirlpanties

Anything you want I will sell! I workout so I have plenty of panties that I sweat in. I’m also an exotic dancer and I cum in my lingerie quite often. Have a request? Let me know I’d be happy to do it for you;)

Hello and welcome! My name is Kii! I'm an alternative model, Suicide Girl Hopeful, pole dancer, twerk dancer, and belly dancer, and service industry worker. I love to produce beautiful photos and enticing videos with many great artistic minds, but I've decided to take it to the next level! For those of you who are interested in a more intimate connection, I offer my used garments, including those used in my shoots! Undies, bras, lingerie, booty shorts, fishnets, and socks. Treat yourself to a personal piece of the action xo . . .   Prices: - Listed prices are for 2 days of wear . - Each additional day of wear: 5$. (3+ days of wear include one digital photo of garment being worn, not the photo used in the Ad) . -Adding a workout (if listed as everyday wear): 5$ . -Video clip of wear (workout clip, or basic clip wearing garment): 5$ . - Signed personal mini Polaroid of garment being worn: 5$ . - Urine/Masturbation/Stuffing/other requests: Price TBD

I'm a 22 year old freelance dance artist who just loves to get hot and sweaty, ripe and wild.  I am excited to hear how I can make all of your fantasies cum true.  I epitomise the scent of a woman and am delighted to sent to you a gift that keeps giving. Drop me a message if you have a special kink for me to fulfill, there's almost nothing I won't do ;) xoxo, Tallulah

21 y/o sweet southern girl with bangin curves and a juicy pussy. Im a pale skinned, sexy, chubby girl with thick thighs, a cute ass, and DD breasts with sensitive pink nipples that just love to be sucked on. Want to make a special request? Please! Im a really sweet girl and open to just about everything. Just message me ;) If im not spending time at school, working out, making art, writing, or hanging out with my boyfriend ( who doesnt know Im on this website - I wont tell if you wont ;) ) Im killing time by rubbing my hot young pussy and thinking of dirty things. I just love making myself cum and I do it at least once a day. kinks: Im bi-curious, submissive, I love spankings and getting choked, I love taking pictures of my body, I love selling my panties knowing that Im gonna make you cum. I sell panties, socks, snapchat pictures and videos Im Aurora btw xx talk to me baby?

Hi! I am a fun loving petite 24 year old art student from Ohio. I am all of 5 feet tall and 95 pounds. I have been a gymnast all of my life, and I have the panties to prove it. I live a busy life. Out side of work I enjoy yoga, running, photography and painting. I promise my panties tell the story of my day. You ask, I can deliver. Any style or activity I can provide!  Every pair comes with a photo of me in them as well as a quick note about my day in the panty.

I will entertain most requests! You never know what trouble I will get into most weekends. Recent fun includes threesomes, hot lesbian sex, strap-on play, and even an occasional gangbang. I am so eager to share the panties I wear before, during and after these hot times.

Hi there, I'm Jess! Put simply, I'm a sweet girl from Australia who also likes being a bit naughty. I'm new to this but the idea of fulfilling your desires makes me reallyy excited! Just message me if you have any requests, I'm open to exploring any options ;) Kisses!